HomeGenie Service Warranty Policy

When a customer books any Home Service on the HomeGenie website, mobile apps, or call center, the quality and performance of the service is covered for a fixed period under a warranty governed by this HomeGenie Service Warranty Policy. The service warranty covers the cost of repair or rectification of the service if the service fails to meet the customer expectations agreed at the time of the delivery of the service before the warranty period expired. The period of the service warranty is dependent on the service and informed to the customer prior to the booking or delivery of the service.

A customer can raise a valid service warranty complaint if all the requirements are fully satisfied by the customer, failing which the warranty complaint will not be accepted or processed.

Key requirements for a service warranty complaint

The customer should ensure that a service warranty complaint fulfills the following requirements before it is reported to a HomeGenie representative.

  • The service is performed directly through the HomeGenie system and has a valid JOBID and is completed and paid by the customer.
  • The service performed is within the scope of services performed by HomeGenie partner as mentioned in the estimate or invoice for the service
  • The service invoice or receipt generated from the HomeGenie system sent to the customer on an email specifying the warranty information
  • The service completion date was not beyond the warranty expiry period specified in the warranty information; and
  • The service was booked by the person who is the same as the person raising the service warranty complaint.

Under what conditions does the service warranty complaint become invalid?

At any stage of the warranty complaint resolution process, the complaint can be deemed invalid if the following conditions are observed.

  • Incomplete or tampered documentation related to the Job
  • Warranty of the parts is not valid
  • Defect or damage of the service as a result of improper use by the customer
  • Attempted repair by another unauthorized professional; and
  • Service was completed in the approved absence of the customer

What is the process to report a service warranty complaint?

  • Step 1: The customer should contact to raise a service warranty complaint with our Customer Support Team on [email protected] or call on +971(0)4489595 and provide all necessary details regarding the original Job e.g. JOBID, etc. and any additional documentation to support the issue
  • Step 2: Once all the requirements of the warranty complaint are fulfilled, the Customer Support Team will create a complaint and assign one of our verified partner representatives, preferably the originally assigned staff, to the complaint to inspect and diagnose the issue by a visit, call or message, as deemed necessary.
  • Step 3: Once the diagnosis is completed, the team will either attempt to resolve the issue at the first visit or provide a summary report on the possible root cause and solution options to resolve the service complaint that has been reported. This will be shared with the customer.
  • Step 4: Based on the proposed solution options, the issue related to the service provided by HomeGenie will be completed free of cost, however, any parts used during the original service will be the responsibility of the customer and will not be covered under the responsibility of HomeGenie.


We attempt to close all complaints within 5-10 working days. Our working days and hours are SAT-THU from 8 AM to 6 PM, except for public holidays.