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10 Life Hacks From Professional Cleaners in Dubai That Will Blow Your Mind

Ever wondered why the guys from the cleaning company in Dubai always trump you at the job? For one, they’re professionals; and secondly, they have some great cleaning tricks up their sleeve. Now imagine the superpower you would acquire if you got into some of these hacks. We are about to help you do just that – read on for some hacks that professional cleaning services in Dubai use to deliver great results. 

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Five Things You Should Clean to Prevent a Flu Outbreak at Home

A flu outbreak in the house brings the best of us to our knees, to scrub and clean. After all, when you are done nursing one member of the family back to health, you need a break, not another patient! But to get to that well-deserved break, here is what you have to do – disinfect.  Though this process should be ongoing during the sickness, it becomes doubly important after the patient has recovered. And there is no point bleaching the house from the ceiling downward, just target the areas that really matter. We are talking shared and frequently touched spaces and personal items. Read on for tips for an effective post flu clean-up.

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