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Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair Service in Dubai

Swimming pool leak repairs is a highly specialised job, one that requires the intervention of trained specialists in the field. Let us not scare you, but yes, a swimming pool leak detection company is not just handymen coming in and putting sealant around the shell of your pool. We are talking experts who can identify difficult leakage issues and then rectify them.

Pool leakages are caused by a number of factors starting with harsh weather conditions that batter the surface of the pool and then damage the layer of waterproofing. They are also caused by the faulty installation of water slides or badly fitted underwater lights. Leakages not only result in huge water bills but also in structural damage to the area around the pool, especially the pool deck floor. This makes identifying and fixing pool leaks very important. The process involves various stages that start with a physical examination of the pool and graduate to conducting leakage and hydrostatic pressure tests over a few days. This helps to figure out the exact area of the leakage and also determine the best course of action that should be taken. Since this is obviously not a DIY, may we suggest that you download the free HomeGenie app for Android and iOS and book a professional service with us. Our team will arrive at your home at a date and time that suits you, conduct an inspection of the site and make a diagnosis of the issue. If it is a minor leakage issue for which repairs can be done within an hour, the team will go ahead and do the same. If the problem is larger, then there will be a bill estimation, purchasing of material if required, and setting of another date and time for the service. Once the job is completed, there will be a testing and demo which aims at confirming a job well done. Our team also carries out a general check-up of your pool plumbing system to avoid any related issues and a post service clean-up as well. HomeGenie’s pool leak detection cost and repair service is reasonably priced, affordable and competitive. The team is trustworthy and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about comprising the safety of your home. We also try that you are not inconvenienced in any way, ensuring that your daily schedule is not interrupted. So go ahead, book that service with HomeGenie and experience high quality work for less!

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Price Details

Inspection Based Service

  • Minimum call-out* charges AED 150
  • Additional charges as per bill estimate.
  • *A call-out charge is for the mandatory visit to the location, required to conduct a physical inspection of the item e.g. appliance, AC, etc., diagnose the issue and prepare a detailed estimate. The diagnosis, in most cases, can be conducted both at site or in our workshop, as per customer’s preference.


  • Additional charges apply for Emergency and Friday bookings, based on availability and permissions from community/ building, as confirmed by the customer. VAT charges are not included and are based on the total invoice amount.



As provided in the bill estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What are the common causes of leakage that get ignored while using a pool?

Leakage issues in pools can even be caused by the usage of common accessories like water slides and floor lights. The leakage in underwater lights can be due to a failed seal in a light bucket, circuit issue or bad fitting whereas in the water slides it can be the underground plumbing or the hose connections.

Q. My pool deck has some cracks, what can be the issue and how can it be repaired?

Pool deck floors get damaged if the ground below it has water accumulated due to any water leakage. So we will first identify and check the site for any leak and rectify it. After the leakage has been fixed and tested fully, the deck will be repaired or replaced depending upon the extent of damage.

Q.How can you tell where your pool is leaking from?

Swimming pool leak detection is a process that involves physical examination of the pool and then a leakage and hydrostatic pressure test to figure out the exact area of the leakage.

Q.How much does it cost to fix a pool leak?

Pool leak detection and repair cost varies depending on the extent of leakage and the amount of work required to fix it.

Q.What can cause a pool leak?

Pool leaks are usually caused by harsh weather conditions that damage the surface and waterproofing of the pool. They can also be caused by faulty installation of pool lights and accessories.

Pool Maintenance and Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

A swimming pool requires periodic maintenance and repair. Due to the extreme temperatures in Dubai, swimming pools often face leakage issues due to damages in waterproofing resulting wastage of water and higher bills. Any issue should be immediately inspected and corrected by professional service professionals.,

How do we work?

Leakages can be sometimes difficult to detect. Once a leakage issue is reported by the customer, our professionals will first conduct an on-site inspection to diagnose the location and cause of the leakage. This is called leakage testing following which you will be provided with an estimate covering the details of labor and the parts required for the service. Our teams will clean up after the work is completed so that you can immediately go back to enjoying your pool.

Why choose us?

We provide you with all the services needed to take care of your swimming pool. Our technicians are professionally qualified, experienced, well trained and carefully identified. Our teams have vast experience and latest techniques to carry out hydrostatic pressure tests or leakage tests to identify the exact area of the leakage in the pool. In addition, for our customers’ peace of mind, we attend to emergency calls and provide pool maintenance packages as well.

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