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Attended within 2 hours,bookings open

24/7 and confirmation based on real-time

availability. Available at at an additional charge.


Attended before 6 pm same day, bookings open

from 8 AM to 12 PM cutoff and confirmation

based on real-time availability. No additional charge.


Attended between 8 to 6 PM from next day

onwards, bookings open 24/7 and confirmed

instantly. Available at the best price.



1 to 12 month term contracts for a particular service or a few services e.g. general cleaning, general pest control, AC service, etc. required repeatedly as per a fixed schedule, available at a reduced price.



Bundles of 4 to 6 pre-selected services usually required to be delivered around some event e.g. festival, relocation, summer holidays, etc. available at a reduced price.



3, 6 and 12 month membership plans offering all of the 150+ services at highly reduced prices, extended 30 day service warranty, dedicated support, top rated experts and exclusive members only benefits, throughout the term of the plan. Essentially a far more comprehensive replacement of the traditional Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs).

HomeGenie Service Types

Any service booked with HomeGenie is categorised as one of the three - Inspection based, Fixed price or Survey based. The type of service helps determines how the service will be delivered and the price to be paid by the customer.

  • Inspection Based: If the service is an inspection based service AC repair then it requires an inspection visit for a diagnosis and thereby an inspection charge is applicable to this service. The inspection will result in an estimate for the customer which needs to be approved or rejected. If approved the service is delivered at the agreed estimate. If rejected, the inspection charge should be paid by the customer.

  • Fixed Price: Fixed price services are more standardized services e.g general cleaning, for which the prices can be fixed and calculated based on the questions answered by the customer as part of the booking process. The prices may, however, vary due to exceptional or unknown difference to the scope available or provided at the time of booking.

  • Survey Based: Survey based services e.g. wooden furniture fabrication, exterior villa painting, etc. are services which require a survey (could be either call, visit or messages) with the customer, to gather requirements and preferences, including dimensions, designs, material selection, etc. before giving an estimate to the customer. The survey is free of cost.

In case of Inspection and Survey based services, the customer receives an estimate by an email which might in certain cases specify a requirement for an advance payment for purchasing materials and equipment. The job proceeds after the customer approves the estimate and also pays the advance payment either by cash or card.

Cancellation charges are applicable for all the above service types after a Genie has been assigned to the booking or if the customer cancels less than 24 hours left the booking date/ time. More details on specific cancellation charges are available within the Pricing Policy on