Termite control in Dubai and UAE

Termite infestation occurs on wooden furniture & fixtures in your home and leads to significant damage to your property, if not treated properly and timely manner.

The best solution to your problem is to simply book a general pest control service in Dubai and UAE with HomeGenie. All you need to do is book online or use our iOS and android mobile apps and a Pest Control expert will be instantly assigned to reach your doorstep on the agreed day and time. Our experts are professionally trained to resolve the stubborn termite infestation at your home. The advantage of getting pest control service from HomeGenie is that you can have your home treated, with complete peace of mind while we at HomeGenie work hard to ensure you get the best quality, reliably and at an affordable price.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Visit the location, or call the customer, free of charge,
  • Get requirement from the customer,
  • Prepare options, and agree preferred one; and
  • Provide an estimate to the customer, generally within 24 hours


- Customer to assist in getting access to community and service location. Electricity and water connection to be active.

Price Details

Survey Based Services:

  • Survey charges* AED 0
  • * A survey is required to identify the exact requirements, preferences and other details from the customer, before an estimate can be provided. A survey could be a visit to the location or call or email that can help gather the above details.


  • Additional charges apply for Emergency and Friday bookings, based on availability and permissions from community/ building, as confirmed by the customer. VAT charges are not included and are based on the total invoice amount.


How to kill a termite

Before killing termite, it is easier to prevent further infestation by removing their food source. Removing any waste piles of paper or wood, by clearing out any plant debris and stumps near your home will prevent infestations. You can also add termite proof coatings on all wooden surfaces.

If you cover all entry points of termites into your homes, then chances are that you will not have a termite infestation. There are many termite killing chemical and non-chemical techniques. Putting sand around the foundation of your home can reduce the likelihood of termites as they find it hard to move through it. Certain fungi can also prevent a termite infestation. Termites can be killed by direct sunlight. Keeping an infested piece of wood in the sun will rid it of termites. UV simulators are also available which can mimic the sun in a home and kill termites.

Liquid pesticides are available that can kill termites. These should be handled by a professional. When building homes, it is advisable to use material that is infused with termite protectors. Old wooden houses and structures can be treated with anti-termite solutions. As chemicals may harm you and your food and water sources. It is important that only expert shall handle them. Foam treatment is a new kind of therapy that can seal up any termite nest and kill all termites without affecting the wood structure.

How to prevent termites

If there are places in your home that collect water when it rains, then you should take steps to prevent that. Not only does stagnant water help in the growth of mosquitos, but they are also the places where termites congregate. Cleaning gutters to allow free flow of water will help in preventing an infestation.

Pest Control Services in Dubai, UAE

The moment termites enter your home, they commence an invasion. Home remedies and sprays may not eliminate them as termites normally lay eggs in walls and wooden areas that can not be reached. Termites are a hazard to your health and can be costly when they damage walls, wood & furniture.

How do we work?

If you are worried about termites we provide you a safe and quick solution to it. Our professional first analyses effected area and determines the treatment required. The standard fumigation will be done and the bill estimate will be discussed with you based on the amount of product/ chemical which will be used plus labour which will be required for getting the fumigation task done. All chemicals used in your homes are approved by The Dubai Municipality.
If a termite is located in any structure of your home, then you might notice bubbles or cracked paint on that surface. This forms due to termite waste buildup within the walls. Such objects tend to crack in ways that are not natural. When termites start eating inside the structures, solid wood may now start to sound hollow. Tapping on the wood will cause it to echo, which is a sure sign of a termite infestation. Subterranean termites build mounds outdoors and then extensive tunnel systems that access areas of your home from underneath. They can cause mud tubes outside of your houses. If there are such tubes or trails on your walls, and other structures, then you might have termites.
If you have pets and small children at home, please be very specific in giving every detail to the professional when he comes for the inspection so that special measures may be taken where required.

Why choose us?

The products we use are specific for termite treatment and are harmless to humans and most pets but still you will be advised to cover food and plastic toys or other items to avoid any allergy after the treatment.
After discussing the details with you, our professional you may select a convinient day for the treatment. You may be requested to vacate the area of fumigation while the work is for at least four hours depending on the treatment done. If you see the termites recurring at home after a week of fumigation, call us immediately and we will address the problem free of cost.

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