Wallpaper (fixing only)


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Wallpaper to be fixed on an existing wall that is painted.
  • Basic glue and tools will be included Preparation of the wallpaper area by moving furniture and placing protective material on fixtures outside
  • Post wallpaper cleanup.


Building and community permits to be organised by the customer. Materials to be organised by the customer before commencement of work. DEWA to be connected

Price Details

Inspection Based Service:

  • First unit AED 150
  • Rest unit AED 150
  • Villa additional AED

FAQs and Review of Wallpaper (fixing only) in Dubai

How long does it take for a wallpapered surface to be fixed?

It takes about two to three days for the wallpaper area to support the new patch fully. Outside of that, it can take a few hours to get a surface fixed up and ready for a new patch.

Does a coating have to be used on the main wall surface?

A coating is needed to allow the adhesive materials to bind well without possibly falling off or running.

Painting Services in Dubai, UAE

Getting your wallpaper fixed up in your property doesn’t have to be a massive challenge. You can get any space in your home that is covered by wallpaper fixed up quite well so long as a few essential steps are used. You will have to get the wall that supports the wallpaper fixed up properly at the start and then get an appropriate patch replaced. This can be tough to work with, but if done right it should create a simple and seamless fix.

Check For a Replacement Patch

To start, you need to get a replacement patch that will go over the space that has to be repaired. Seeing how wallpaper fixes often entail torn spots, it is often easier to just get new wallpaper materials applied. You can still get the same wallpaper used on your wall provided that a match is available. The key is to find a sensible match, so the risk of having to get new wallpaper cover applied will be minimal.
You should check if you have any leftover wallpaper rolls at your property. Such rolls will help you to take in some extra wallpaper materials if anything in your property is worn out and needs to be fixed.

Repair the Wall

The wall that supports the wallpaper has to be repaired. The wall must be repaired to allow the new wallpaper space to be fully secured. It creates a better anchor on the surface.
The wall might have to be filled to create a stable surface. It has to be smooth and strong enough to handle the new materials you are applying. This often takes a bit of time to repair but when done right should be very easy to secure.
An oil-based primer must then be applied onto the surface. This should create a flat surface that the wallpaper adhesive can quickly grip itself onto.

A Proper Patch Is Needed

After the wall is fully repaired, a good patch can be applied onto the surface. The patch has to be designed with a carefully arranged adhesive. This should be similar to whatever you have used on the rest of the wallpaper.
A great wallpaper adhesive should be easy to spread and will move evenly. It should also resist mold and mildew, so the colour of the wallpaper will not wear out or become far too difficult to handle.
The adhesive must be spread with a smooth material like a trowel. Such a device not only helps you spread the adhesive but also lets you scrape off any excess materials that may come about.
After this, the wallpaper patch can be applied. It must be sized properly to give you a space that is easy to secure and apply. This will easily create a stronger look to your wall if done right.
This process is very simple and is a real necessity to work with. Any property that needs to get its wallpaper demands taken care of right should see how well a patch can be applied for any need.

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