Other custom painting job e.g. lamps in Dubai and UAE


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Call to discuss exact requirement,
  • Inspection visit to the location, if required,
  • Discuss service options with customer,
  • Estimate bill and work start date/ time,
  • Complete work; and
  • Post service cleanup.


- Customer to assist in getting access, to community and issue location; and - DEWA connection to be active.

Price Details

Survey Based Services:

  • Survey charges* AED 0
  • * A survey is required to identify the exact requirements, preferences and other details from the customer, before an estimate can be provided. A survey could be a visit to the location or call or email that can help gather the above details.


  • Additional charges apply for Emergency and Friday bookings, based on availability and permissions from community/ building, as confirmed by the customer. VAT charges are not included and are based on the total invoice amount.

FAQs and Review of Other or Multiple Requests in Dubai

How will an inspection for a request work?

An inspection should entail a review of all surfaces that have to be painted. A test of a paint can also be used to determine if it can be added properly to a surface.

What can it cost for a task to be completed?

It depends on the type of task and the timing for it will vary based on whatever it is you want to complete at a given time.

Painting Services in Dubai, UAE

As you get your property painted, you might find that several things have to be done there. These include many tasks dedicated to keeping your property looking its best while maintaining anything that might have worn out.
You might have several requests for a variety of services. No matter what your demands are, you must make sure you plan and requests out in advance to give yourself more control over how you are going to get your property to look its best.

Check On Repairs

You might need to get some walls around your property repaired before a paint job. This includes getting holes, cracks and any other problems filled up right. Proper filler materials and hard surfaces can be applied in many cases. New insulation and even some wooden support features can be added to your property at this point. This is all to help you get the support you require when aiming actually to complete a proper painting task.
The repairs are especially required to create a smooth surface. Sanding will typically be required although this isn’t too hard to complete when done right.

Work On Specific Walls

You can always work on very specific walls and other particular surfaces around your home when you are aiming to fix anything up in your property. You can ask to get one wall painted in a specific colour while another will be in a different tone.
This is perfect for cases where you need different tones based on the particular lights in an area. Your ability to get a great surface painted can make a real difference if it is planned well enough.
Some protection is needed on individual walls to make this work well, though. This includes making sure the right tape and tarp materials are used to keep colours from spreading over to other walls in an area. This is all to create a consistent look that is attractive without being too unusual or otherwise hard to maintain in some way.

Use Specific Patterns

You can always get multiple colours on a single surface if desired. This will require an extra bit of preparation for it to work, though. In particular, you have to use a sketch or diagram to show how colours will be applied based on dimensions, shades and other points. This is to help with preparing the necessary materials required for getting a job done.
It may take longer for such a project to be completed in such unique patterns have to work. This is primarily due to how complicated it can be to get some patterns organized the right way. Also, you will certainly have to get multiple coats of paint applied onto a surface, thus requiring a bit of extra effort to get a project handled the right way.
You must look at the many requests you might have for getting different painting projects handled in your home. The needs you hold might be varied, but they must be checked well to give yourself the added help you need.

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