Interior painting in Dubai and UAE

Getting a basic painting done for your villa or apartment is something you would like to get done to bring back a new and fresh look to your home. HomeGenie can provides basic or generally referred to as move-out or refresher painting done for unfurnished villa or apartment at very affordable prices, without compromising on quality. At HomeGenie, we provide interior home painting services by partnering with expert painting companies in Dubai. The basic interior painting helps you to either give a fresh look to your home before moving in without spending a fortune or getting it ready to get your security deposit back, at the time of a move-out.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • One shade and one coat of Jotun water based paint only.
  • Preparation of the painting area by covering furniture/ objects using protective material.
  • Sanding, hole filling, crack filling and minor crack repairs are included.
  • One small room (either housemaid's room or study is included.
  • Post painting cleaning.


- No wallpapers removal or dark paints scraping included. - Any additional small room is is agreed separately. - Ceiling painting not included. - Rooms to be empty or unfurnished and not requiring movement and protection of furniture or objects. - Customer to assist in getting access to community and location. - DEWA connection to be active

Price Details

Fixed Price Services:

  • Minimum service* charges of AED 750 per unit
  • AED 750 for additional unit


  • Additional charges apply for Emergency and Friday bookings, based on availability and permissions from community/ building, as confirmed by the customer. VAT charges are not included and are based on the total invoice amount.

FAQs and Review of Interior Home Painting (basic or move-out, unfurnished) Services in Dubai

Can the ceilings in your home be painted?

You can always get the ceilings in your home painted but it might cost extra for you to do this. Also, extra effort is needed due to the complicated nature of the project.

Can multiple colours work in a single room?

You can always get many colours added to individual rooms if desired. This might require an extra bit of effort to work with, though. You might have to plan out a room beforehand to get a clear idea of what can be used.

Painting Services in Dubai, UAE

There are many reasons why you might need to get the inside of your home painted. Perhaps you are trying to renovate your home, and you want to get a new paint job applied so that it will look great. Maybe you are moving into a home, and you want to give it a new colour that is different from what it was before you moved in. There’s even the possibility that you ought to paint your home to make it a little more marketable if you’re trying to put it on the market.
Regardless of the rationale, you have for getting the inside of your home painted; there are plenty of good considerations to use when finding a way to get your home painted. These are essential points that have to be used to give your property a look that it deserves

Check Your Colour

To start, you will have to get the colour of your home prepared with a sensible design hat is not too hard to figure out. You have to look at the colour based on the nice neutral tone that you want to establish among other key points. You should see that it’s designed well with a nice design that isn’t too complicated.

Look At Consistency

You can always be consistent by getting multiple rooms in your home painted with the same colour. This is to establish consistency as the home will start to look nicer and cleaner. This should be done with a colour that you know is, right for your property and will not be too unusual in its appearance.

Get Everything Fixed

It will be easier for you to enjoy your home’s walls or to market your home when the walls are maintained well. Even so, it is often easy for people to forget to check on how well their walls are to be designed. You can use an interior home painting service to get your walls fixed up. As your walls are being painted, they can be sanded and repaired with crack fillings and other items to help with keeping these spaces comfortable. When done right, it should be very easy for your walls to look better and to stand out right.
Interior home painting procedures should be checked properly to give yourself a clear idea of how well your home will look as you get everything painted well. You will be surprised at how well your property will look when you get everything painted in a sensible and careful manner.

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