Packing & Warehousing

In case of a temporary shift to a new place and if you have to get back to the existing home, one would require the itms to be packed and stored professionally to avoid any damage to your precious belongings. Packing usually takes a lot of time and it’s a must to get it done by a competent packing team. HomeGenie offers the best in town packing and storage services. Our professionals come with sound experience and the storage area is secured from any possible damage due to dust, sunshine or rain.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Visit to the location and diagnosis of the issue Estimation of work
  • including labor, material and parts Preparation and discussion of the Bill Estimate Start the work or schedule for later, based on time and material availability


Call-Out charges are to be paid upon completion of the inspection Minor issues will be fixed within the 1.5 hour call-out charges, if time permits Customer to organise access to location DEWA to be connected 1 handyman and 1 support staff Ladder.

Price Details

Inspection Based Service:

  • First unit AED 150
  • Rest unit AED 100
  • Villa additional AED 0


We will need our belonging to be shipped where we are re-locating. It is often seen that during the loading process maximum belongings get damaged. Is there a way out?

Do not worry about any kind of loading and the cargo issue. Our team is professionally trained to handle the loading of the packages. They know the basic key rules to avoid any kind of damage. They use the latest packaging techniques of keeping the weight distributed and the space utilized in the package. You will not have any damage and will receive your belongings safe.

If we need a warehouse service, what are the services you will include in it?

We have our best team working for the storage facility in a warehouse to take care of the goods been stored. You will get the surety of the privacy and the safety of your packages. There is twenty-four hours security to avoid any theft. We also provide quality control checks every time the good is entering or moving out. Anytime you need any kind of assistance; we will be available to assist you. We understand your concern towards your belongings, and we guarantee the safety of your every package.

Moving Services in Dubai, UAE

When you get a job overseas, or promotion to a different state, the packaging and transporting the goods becomes difficult. Whether you need the warehouse for a storage facility or the goods to be transported to the new home, a packaging is the huge factor. There are various companies who promise to give you best packaging and warehouse services. But often their work becomes disheartening for you. We are the best packaging and storage Facility Company in the whole of UAE. We cater to packaging by using the best technologies, and our warehouses are at the best locations.

Why should you choose us?

We have a competent packaging team who is capable of handling the packaging of all your belongings professionally. Our professionals are all experienced, and hence there is no chance of damage to any of your belongings while you unpack them. We provide you with best prices for packaging and storage facilities. Our storage place is free from sunshine, dust or rain and hence you can be tension free for your belongings. Apart from these facilities, we offer the pick-up and drop off a parcel too. We make sure that the parcels are safe and secure while delivering it anywhere in the country. Our packaging is executed well. Apart from this, we are always on time to deliver your belongings as promised. The best part of our company is that we offer you the best in your budget.

How do we work?

When you contact us or give your query through the e- mail, we see it and send our expert to you for the meeting. During the meeting, the expert checks your location and the belongings to know how much packaging material will be required. If you have any other query, you can ask him to get the clear picture of our work. After the inspection, he will explain you the entire bill estimate. The bill estimate will include the labor used and the material which will be required for packaging.<br/>You need to confirm the date and time when the packaging can start. We use high safety packaging and latest moving equipment assuring you for your belongings. After all, we understand that it is your hard earned investment and we take care of it as ours.<br/>So don’t worry about the safety of your belongings during the shifting of place. Hire us, and we will transport it keeping them secure.

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