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Festive decoration & lights hanging services in Dubai

With lighting being an important part of every festival, the demand for festive decorators in Dubai is huge. Be it Eid, Diwali, Christmas or any other festival, decorative lighting adds a festive air to your home, magnifying the celebratory spirit by brightening up the inside and the outside of the house. But it is essential that the lighting is done carefully since the safety of your family and home depends on it. HomeGenie provides a reliable service for all your festive lighting needs. Download the free HomeGenie app for Android and iOS and book a handyman to come by and carry out a free survey to put up festival lights or Christmas decorations in Dubai.

A free HomeGenie survey means that a handyman will first visit your home to understand your requirements. After this, options will be prepared and the preferred one chosen, following which an estimate will be provided to you within 24 hours. All of this will be done free of charge. Once an agreement of the terms of the job has been reached, the date and time that suits your schedule can be arrived at for the execution of the lighting. Our team will reach your home complete with material and tools required for execution. A fully trained professional, the handyman will ensure that your festive decorations are put up without being damaged and keeping the safety of the family and property in mind. The HomeGenie festival lights installation covers mostly string lights, to be installed both indoors as well as outdoors. These lights may be provided by you or you can ask us to arrange the same for you to purchase. Our team is prompt, reliable and efficient and you can be assured high-quality work at a reasonable price. Festival decorations are usually an urgent job, considering that there is a festival marked on the calendar every other month. As such, we offer Emergency and Same Day facilities to give a quick response to our customers. If you book our Emergency service, we will have a handyman sent to your home to install your light decorations within 2 hours of your booking. This service is offered at an extra charge. Our Same Day facility places a handyman at your home before 6 PM that day, provided you booked the service between 8 AM and 12 PM.

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Service Details

What's included:

- Visit the location, or call/ email to the customer, free of charge
- Get requirement from the customer
- Prepare options, and agree preferred one; and
- Provide an estimate to the customer, generally within 24 hours


- Customer to assist in getting access to community and service location. Electricity and water connection to be active. No diagnosis or repair work is included.



Price Details

Survey Based Services:

  • Survey charges AED 0
  • * A survey is required to identify the exact requirements, preferences and other details from the customer, before an estimate can be provided. A survey could be a visit to the location or call or email that can help gather the above details.


  • Additional charges apply for Emergency and Friday bookings, based on availability and permissions from community/ building, as confirmed by the customer. VAT charges are not included and are based on the total invoice amount.



As provided in the bill estimate.

For more details, visit HomeGenie Warranty Policy

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*Our proprietary platform will match your requirements to the most qualified expert (‘Genie’) available, to suit your calendar and confirm instantly.

Festive Decorations & Lights Hanging Services Cost In Dubai

Booking details Service details Estimated service cost (Survey Based)
10 m 1 hr 150 AED
20 m 1.5 hr 200 AED
30 m 2 hr 250 AED
40 m 2.5 hr 300 AED
50 m 3 hr 350 AED

*Actual price will depend upon the survey conduct to understand the type and size of the light and where and how it needs to be hung. The estimated prices are based on a string light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What kinds of festive light hanging is covered in this service?

We cover mostly string lights – both outdoor and indoor. The lights can either be bought by us or can be bought by the customers themselves.

Q.Does the service include taking the lights off after the festival?

No, this is an additional service. Very often our customers leave the lights hanging to be used for the next festival.

Q. Which services are generally not covered in this service?

The following types of requests are not covered as part of this service:

1. Repair of existing festive lights.

2. Treetop lighting.

3. Exterior facade lighting of apartments that might be impossible to reach

4. Trips to the market for purchasing lights.

Q. How much does it cost to have Christmas lights hung professionally?

Professional hanging of Christmas decorations in Dubai costs an equivalent of the handyman’s hourly call out charges. The total would depend on the number of Christmas lights you want to put up.

Q. How much does it cost to get your house decorated for Christmas?

Festive decorators in Dubai charge depending on the extent of Christmas decorations you have in mind. To have your house decorated would mean more than an hour’s work, which would push your bill up accordingly.

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