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Glasswork Services in Dubai and UAE

Glass and mirrors are part of every home whether big or small as they are needed and also add to the interiors, making various spaces looker bigger than they are. Once in a while they do break or require a refresh, and need a professional to repair or fabricate such that safety is not compromised. It is also not easy to find the glasswork company that can provide you with the service you deserve.

The best solution to your problem at that time is to simply book a glasswork service in Dubai and UAE with HomeGenie. All you need to do is book online or use our iOS and android mobile apps and an expert glasswork professional will be instantly assigned to reach your doorstep on the agreed day and time. Our glasswork experts are professionally trained to repair or fabricate any glass or mirror replacement or fabrication required for your home, all at the convenience of your home.

The advantage of getting a glasswork service from HomeGenie is that you can have required glasswork done for your home, with complete peace of mind while we at HomeGenie work hard to ensure you get the best quality, reliably and at an affordable price.

Door glass replacement

Window glass replacement

Tabletop glass slab cutting

Glass partition fabrication

Bathroom glass shower enclosure fabrication

Mirror work

Glass staircase fabrication

Glass door fabrication

Door and Window Glass tint

Other custom job e.g. decorative glass or mirror work

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*Our proprietary platform will match your requirements to the most qualified expert (‘Genie’) available, to suit your calendar and confirm instantly.

FAQs and Review of Carpentry Services

When do customers need a glasswork service for your home ?

Customers need furnishing services when they are moving into a new home or if they have been using the home furnishings for a long time started showing signs of being wornout. Also, if they would like to get just a change to their home interiors.

What kind of glasswork services are available with HomeGenie?

HomeGenie provides a number of furnishings e.g. curtains, wallpapers, blinds, sofa upholstery, outdoor furniture cover, etc.

How does HomeGenie ensure high quality glasswork service to its customers ?

At HomeGenie, we have partnered with the best furnishing companies based on an extensive search of recommendations and word of mouth from across various communities within Dubai. We then further train and upskill these furnishing companies to match HomeGenie service standard. This ensure high quality response, product and price to the customers.

Glasswork Services in Dubai, UAE

HomeGenie is the first one-stop Home Maintenance conceirge service in the UAE. We tirelessly search for and work with our carefully vetted delivery partners and profesionals to help provide simple, reliable and affordable Home Maintenance end-to-end solution to our customers. Our objective is to become a trusted household name for all Home Maintenance solutions in Dubai and UAE.

HomeGenie Glasswork Service Process.

A glasswork service booked through HomeGenie usually starts with a SIGNUP, followed by a booking via website or the iOS/ android apps (available free of cost). Depending upon if the booking is inspection based, fixed price or survey based, the service is delivered by the assigned Genie at the agreed date, time and location.

Why HomeGenie for Glasswork Services?

At HomeGenie, we are focussed on providing a professional glasswork service experience to our customer with the following advantages:

  • Professional service
  • 15 day service warranty,
  • Insurance covered
  • On-time delivery
  • Competitive prices

Due to the above, we take pride in being as the most professional glasswork services provider in Dubai and the UAE.

Other Glasswork Related Services

We provide other common related services including – carpentry, plumbing, metalwork, etc. These services can be provided as standard or emergency services.

Get inspired with some of our work we have recently undertaken for our customers.