Water feature installation in Dubai and UAE

To maintain a beautiful garden one of the most important steps is to have the right water features installed. HomeGenie app gives you the option to hire a garden expert who will guide you with the latest water features such as fish ponds, fountains, artistic waterfalls and much more, and help you understand the advantage of each feature depending on the size of your garden. At HomeGenie we offer professionals from expert landscaping companies in Dubai. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with this service are making your garden more attractive and getting right consultation on the maintenance of the features installed.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Visit to the location and diagnosis of the issue
  • Estimation of work, including labor, material and parts
  • Preparation and discussion of the Bill Estimate
  • Start the work or schedule for later, based on time and material availability


Call-Out charges are to be paid upon completion of the inspection Minor issues will be fixed within the 1.5 hour call-out charges if time permits Customer to organise access to location DEWA to be connected

Price Details

Survey Based Services:

  • Survey charges* AED 0


  • Additional charges apply for Emergency and Friday bookings, based on availability and permissions from community/ building, as confirmed by the customer. VAT charges are not included and are based on the total invoice amount.


What are the cost of the services?

A call out charge to home genie including inspection and diagnosis costs is AED 150. Further units cost additional AED 150. There is no extra charges for villas.

What does a service include?

Home genie will first inspect the location and diagnose problems if any. This will be followed by an estimation of work, parts, materials and labor. A bill estimate will be prepared and given to the customer. The customer has the option to decide on the starting of the work based on the availability of time, labor and materials.

Gardening Services in Dubai, UAE

A water feature can be a great addition to your garden if it is done right. A water feature can make your garden look unique and attract more birds to your garden. There are many water features to choose from and each feature has its own set of installation procedures. Water features like fountains can be very difficult to install whereas others like birdbaths are quite easy. Whatever be the bird bath, home genie’s landscapers and artists can help you select the right kind of water feature for your garden, install it and also tell you easy ways to maintain it.

Kinds of Water Features

Not all water features look good in the garden as few are big, and few are small. The choice of appropriate water feature depends on the size of the garden, water supply, and other resources. The different water features are broadly as-<br/>1) Water ways – These can be made curvy with plants around them to resemble small creeks, they can also be made straight to resemble aqueducts. The waterways can be surrounded by plants or reeds to make it similar to small creaks. They are very tough to install and maintain and need a constant check to make sure that water isn’t leaking outside.<br/>2) Fountains – The most common water features are fountains. They may be statues or tiered or even resemble small objects and animals. Small fountains are easy to install, and they require less maintenance too. They can also be hidden among small bushes or shrubs to give people who are visiting your garden an adventurous feeling. Larger fountains contain lights and are heavy. They are harder to install.<br/>3) Ponds – These are very hard to maintain, but a garden with a pond is very hard to forget. Setting up a pond requires a lot of pre installation work done, including making a proper bedrock. Water supply to the pond is also difficult to provide as too much water may make it overflow. A pond can be easily decorated with plants, reeds, and succulents in and around it. The pond can also contain fishes to make it look better and clean.<br/>4) Waterfalls – Another common garden feature is waterfalls. Waterfalls may be stepped, stylized natural or imitate nature. Whatever the type, waterfalls make your garden look amazing and give your garden a feeling of motion. A waterfall is hard to maintain and install. Key features like water flow, pumping and water drainage can be difficult to fit to run your waterfall at the optimum.<br/>5) Natural water bodies – Although this is rare in Dubai, but, if you are lucky enough to have a natural water body in your garden, then you can stylize it. Adding steps, watermills and other accessories can make your garden look great.<br/>At Home Genie, we offer professionals from expert landscaping companies in Dubai. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with our services are making your garden more attractive and getting right consultation on the maintenance of the features installed. We ensure that your garden utilizes the least amount of water, thus saving the environment.

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