Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

You always get a fair, transparent and value for money price with HomeGenie.

A User availing a Service on the HomeGenie Platform should understand that the scope of the home services depends upon a number of variables including but not limited to location, home type, choice of materials, diagnosis of the issue, etc. It is therefore not possible to always fix the prices for all the home services on the HomeGenie Platform, unless where it’s really possible without undermining our intent to provide value for money to the Users.

By using the HomeGenie Platform you agree that you have read and understood the following definitions and terms related to the Pricing Policy.

The type of service is determined by the HomeGenie Platform by the service or issue that the User chooses at the time of booking.

  • Inspection Based Service. Services where we need to inspect and diagnos ofe a problem before we could provide an estimate. There is an Inspection Call-Out charge applicable to this kind of service e.g., AC repair, Dishwasher repair, etc.
  • Fixed Price Service. Services where prices are fixed and calculated instantly based on what information the customer provides as part of the booking e.g., AC service, General cleaning, etc.
  • Survey Based Service. Services where we have to visit and get requirements and/or measurements from the User before providing an estimate e.g., custom furniture fabrication, sail shade installation, etc.

A priority of theassigned Service is selected by the User at the time of the booking in accordance to the urgency defined by the User.

  • Emergency Service Services which require attending to Instantly (or within 2 hours) of the booking. HomeGenie platform tries to search for an available GenieService Delivery Partner, from our partner network, in real-time. Additional charge is applicable.
  • Same Day Service. Services which can possibly be attended to in the same day, no specific time commitment from the Service Delivery Partner. No additional charge is applicable for this type of service.
  • Scheduled Service. Services which are booked 24 hours in advance and are confirmed immediately, for the day/time preferred by the User. The Genie ervice Delivery Partnerthe assignedis shared with the User, at the earliest.

Limited number of services are available as an Emergency service on the HomeGenie Platform which also come with an Emergency charge applicable.

Emergency Service are open 24x7 while Same Day and Scheduled Service is available from 8 am to 6 pm Saturday to Thursday, except public holidays.

There are a number of Gbelow are

  • Inspection call-out charges. A call-out charges is a charge that includes to the customer location, and includes one hour of labour to inspect and diagnose the issue or/and perform minor repairs, if time permits. It applies to Inspection Based Services.
  • Service charges. Charges for labour that is required to complete the service as determined from the inspection and as discussed and agreed with the User through the estimate bill. Charges like
  • Survey charges. Charges to conduct a survey to either taken measurements or discuss requirements with the customer before an estimate for Services can be provided. It is AED 0 in most cases.
  • Friday charges. Additional charges that are applicable for bookings on Friday, which is a public holiday or weekend in the UAE.
  • Emergency charges. Additional charges that are applicable for emergency service bookings due to re-arrangement of Service Delivery Partner schedule.
  • Cancellation charges. Charges applicable on cancellation of services by the User if the cancellation in the short timeis prior to specific timeframeremaining beforedefined for that Booking type.
  • Total amount . It is the amount that will be charged for the job, unless. when Total Amount shows “To be Decided”, which means that the Total Amount is yet to be finalized based on the Estimate provided by an Inspection or Survey
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) – VAT is an chargeapplied to the Total Amount and calculated at 5% of the Total Amountin the UAE.
  • Due Amount. Amount outstanding and due to be paid by the User after all Advance Payment have been paid.
  • Advance Payment. Payment towards procurement of parts and materials to be made in advance before service could be commenced.
  • Payment Method. Users can make a payment via cash or credit/ debit card using our secure payment gateway set-up up on the HomeGenie website .
  • Payment Plan. It includes when the payment for the Service has to be made either UPON COMPLETION or ADVANCE.

A Service can be rescheduled by the User, Service Delivery Partner and the HomeGenie team under the following conditions.

  • By the User In case the User is unable to be present at the time of the booking or wants the service at another time he/she can reschedule from the HomeGenie Platform, calling the Customer Experience Team on +971 800443643 (HGENIE) the ervice Delivery Partnerassigned to the booking and agreeing a mutually agreeable day/ time. It should be noted that rescheduling, especially close to the date/ time of the booking, might not be always possible and in such a situation, the job will need to be cancelled and booked again by the User, with payment of any cancellation charges, if applicable.
  • By the Service Delivery Partner. There are sometimes situations which are out of the control of our teams and may require us to reschedule a booking. Service Delivery Partner We will call a customer, apologize, explain the situation and request for a rescheduled date and time, or if instructed by the User cancel the booking, without charging any cancellation charges.
  • By the HomeGenie team A booking can be rescheduled by the HomeGenie team if there is some operational or technical issue that prevents from delivering the Service to the required quality or at the agreed date and time.


  • PROMO code might not remain active if the new rescheduled date is outside the promotion period.

Service booked by the User can be cancelled any time, however, may involve a cancellation charge depending upon how close to the booking date/ time it is cancelled and whether a Service Delivery Partner has already been assigned to the booking. Below are the cancellation fees applicable if a booking is cancelled by the User, Service Provider or HomeGenie team.

• By the User. A User should cancel a booking by calling HomeGenie or through the mobile appG.

  • For Scheduled Service. No cancellation fee is applicable if the Genie ervice Delivery Partnerhas not been assigned for a Scheduled booking, before User cancels or if the User cancels more than 24 hours remaining before the booking date/ time however, even if the Genie ervice Delivery Partnerisassigned. If the cancellation happens in less than 24 hours before booking visit date/ time, then the following fee applies.
    • For Inspection Based Service 50% of Total Amount
    • For Fixed Price Service 25% of Total Amount
    • For Survey Based Service No cancellation fee. Also, because Survey charges are mostly AED 0.
  • For Emergency Service. No cancellation fee is applicable if the Genie has not been assigned for an Emergency booking, before User cancels. If the Genie was assigned before the cancellation, then a total of 100% of the Total Amount is charged as cancellation fee.
  • For Same Day Service. No cancellation fee is applicable if the Genie has not been assigned for a Same day booking, before User cancels. If the Genie was assigned before the cancellation, then a total of 100% of the Total Amount is charged as cancellation fee.

• By Service Delivery Partner - No cancellation of service is possible by the Service Delivery Partner, however, if the assigned Service Delivery Partner cannot attend the booking, HomeGenie team will re-assign an equivalent Service Delivery Partner to the booking. A reschedule is however possible upon agreement with the User by calling over a phone.

• By HomeGenie team –A booking can be cancelled by the HomeGenie team if there is some operational or technical issue that prevents from delivering the Service to the required quality or at the agreed date and time.


  • Cancellation charges are applied to only Labour Charges and Service Charges only and not on Emergency or Friday charges.
  • PROMO code is not included or used up as part of the Cancellation Charge calculation.
  • A grace period of 1 hour is given for Scheduled Service for cancellation, and no charge will be applicable even if a Genie ervice Delivery Partneris assigned.

We provide the User a number of payment options to make it increasingly convenient for Users to pay for the Services.

  • By Cash Cash payments are allowedand is collected by the Service Delivery Partner upon completion of the Service.
  • By Debit or Credit Card Card payments are allowed on the HomeGenie platform. Card payment is
  • By Account Transfer or Cheque Only on very rare cases we accept cheques or account transfers. HomeGenie Support team will be able to provide you required details for the same. All cheques and Account transfers are to be in the name of HomeGenie Home Services DMCC.

At HomeGenie, we do not provide any refunds on any Service delivered. If a Service is not delivered as per the reasonable standard and expectations, the Warranty Policy helps the User get a resolution to the issue.

HomeGenie extends discounts to its Users on the Services on a regular basis which can be applied on the HomeGenie platform at the time of the booking. Users can avail these discounts