COVID-19 Precautions

COVID19 precautions at HomeGenie

At HomeGenie, we are trying our best to ensure protection of our customers and our Genie (“service experts”) by fully adhering to the health and safety guidelines issued by the health authorities in the UAE and World Health Organisation (WHO). We understand that as part of the “the new norm” where everyone is confined to their homes, home maintenance services are essential services for all residents and citizens and we need to keep doing our best to ensure we deliver them safely. If you have any query related to COVID19 precautions we are following, do reach out to us on

Hand Wash

Wash or sanitize hands regularly

All our teams are strongly advised to wash their hands regularly with soap or a liquid handwash, and when not possible use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to sterilise their hands from any harmful viruses or bacteria.

Wear masks and gloves

We have provided sufficient number of surgical disposable masks and gloves to our teams to ensure our customer and their own protection

Wear Mask

Get regular temperature checks

Body temperatures of our teams are checked regularly to ensure that early signs of any COVID19 infection in teams can be detected, isolated and treated promptly.

Maintain social distance

Social distance between teams and with customers are strongly prescribed so at the time of a service being performed, our teams are advised to inform the customer to maintain the 2 m safe distance or stay in a separate room.

Social Distance