Washing Machine Repair Service Abu Dhabi

It is the weekend and your dirty laundry pile looks bigger than the clean one. Nothing can make you better prepared for the coming week like a closet full of freshly laundered clothes. With this agenda, you pick up your dirty laundry, stuff your clothes in your washing machine, put the detergent powder in the dispenser, close the lid and press start. And zero response!
Nothing feels more betraying than a malfunctioning washing machine in a time of need! With summers setting foot inthe UAE, it is imperative to have a fully functioning washing machine now more than ever! It is even smarter to have your washing machine periodically serviced, even if it is functioning well. Before the temperature soars high, it is the best time to call a professional washing machine repair service in Abu Dhabi to keep your washing machine in the pink of health.
Apart from starting issues, there can be various other reasons you may needprofessional help with your washing machine. Home service providers like HomeGenie provide premium servicing and repair work for your washing machine at an affordable price. A trained technician will diagnose the core problem and even suggest aftercare tips to keep your washing machine in top shape.
Watch out for these 5signs that indicates your washing machine may require a professional set of hands to function well.

  1. A Noisy Washing Machine

It is common knowledge that a washing machine is not one of the quietest appliances out there. But if your washing machine is getting unusually louder with every use, then it is a matter of concern.  Look out for grinding, scraping or thumping sounds coming from your washing machine as it is a clear sign to call a professional washing machine maintenance company to diagnose and repair the issue.


Noises during the agitation or spin cycles often result from objects like coins or debris stuck in the tub, less lubrication in the inner belt or a faulty motor. Grinding noise can prove fatal to your washing machine.To ensure the long life of your beloved washer, call a licensed technician at the earliest.


  1. Your Clothes Come Out Unclean!

Well, taking out unclean clothes from your washing machine after an hour-long wait is nothing short of a nightmare. This might be due to three major things: you are putting too much detergent in the dispenser, you are using very less detergent or your washer is giving away a major underlying problem.


Overuse of detergent may lead to a clogged detergent tray. As a preventive measure, use the right amount of detergentto avoid such a problem. If the issue persists, it is better to consult with a professional washing machine repair service in Abu Dhabi to help you.


  1. Your Washing Machine Leaks

A leaky washing machine is a worrisome sight to behold! It may be due to a clog in the supply hose, a cracked drum or a malfunctioning water sensor. It is advisable to contact a professional washing machine repair company even if you can spot a leak with the naked eye. A leak may look like a fixable DIY project,but it is better to leave it to the professionals. A slight slip-up can quickly lead to ankle-deep flooding at your home before you know it.


  1. Your Washer is Under-filling or Overfilling

Nothing is more disappointing thanfindingsoaked clothes staring back at you after a full washing cycle.This may be because the machine could not drain all the excess water out during the cycle. On the other hand, your washer might be getting too little water which can mean some bigger problem is waiting for you on the other end. Either case can be due to a failed motor or sensor issue which can be quickly addressed with the help of a professional washing machine repair company.


  1. Smelly Scenario

Is your washing machine smelling funny lately? It might be due to bacteria build-up in and around the drum of your washer. This can not only make your clothes smell like mildew, but will also cause serious health hazards.


To prevent this, it is recommended to clean the washing machine on a monthly basis. But if the damage is already done, then it is recommended to get in touch with a professional washing machine maintenance service to assess the source of the smell and provide a clean-up service accordingly.


In most cases, practising proper washing care and routine can prevent your washing machine from going rogue. But even the best appliances crackdown and the exceptional preventive careis just not enough. Desperate times askfor desperate measures and the last thing you would want to do is run around searching for a professional washing machine repair service in Abu Dhabi. Download the HomeGenie iOS or Android app and ensure that your washing machine gets the needed care at the hands of trained professionals in the comfort of your home.Or call 800 443643 (HGENIE)and letHomegenie’s representatives take care of the rest.

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