ultimate gardening tips

No matter how big your garden is, it helps in enhancing the beauty of your home. Gardening helps in rejuvenating and uplifting your mood. You can also stay healthy and fit by consuming the fruits and vegetables that are grown in your garden organically. The most common misbelief among people is that gardening needs experience. Whether it’s a flower garden or vegetable garden you can maintain it easily by following some basic gardening tips. Here are some ultimate home gardening tips for beginners.


Know your regionBefore planning for a garden know your regions’ possibilities and limits. Right from choosing plants to watering methods everything will depend on the climatic conditions of the region you live in. If you choose the plants that are not suitable to your climate all your efforts will go in vain.

Test your soilYou might get the plants that are well suited for your region but if the ph levels of soil are not desirable then the plants will die. Test the soil PH level to know whether it is alkaline or acidic and then prefer the plants that grow well with specific soil type. Also, soil which is too hard will not help in the proper growth of plants.

Water regularlyThe best gardening advice for the people who live in Dubai is water plants regularly at the right time which is more important to protect them from drying. Before watering know about the plant type for better results. Some plants require less water and some require more. If you don’t follow this your indoor garden will no longer be green with healthy plants. Also, water your plants before the sun rises during hot days to not let the water evaporate.

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Fix a root bounding plants

Some plants like the peace lily, aloe, African violets, spider plant etc will grow out of the pots and will root bound. Roots will grow round and round and will restrict the supply of nutrients and water to the plant. To keep the plant safe separate the roots with gardening equipment and place the plant in the ground.

Add Mulch

A mulch is a layer applied on the surface of the soil. It makes soil healthy, increase moisture and fertility. Add the mulch 2-3 inches deep around each plant once or twice a year, as this helps in less water usage. Adding much will also reduce the weed. A variety of materials like organic residues, compost, rock, and gravel etc can be used as mulch.

Trim and prune

Trimming and pruning are one of the best gardening tips. Pruning is removing the specific parts of a tree or plant that are dried due to pests and lack of sunlight. Pruning helps in penetrating the sunlight and increases the air movement through the tree. Pruning helps in generating the new leaves and thereby keeps the plant healthy.

Go for companion plantingGrowing plants together that benefit each other is known as companion planting. For example, corn provides support to beans and beans, in turn, provide nitrogen to corn which helps in its growth. Companion planting helps in increasing the yield, prevent pests and protect the plants.

Growing plants together that benefit each other is known as companion planting.


Assess sunlight and shadeBefore you start gardening assess the sunlight and shade in the gardening area. This is very important for the healthy growth of plants. Some plants need more sunlight and some need less, few plants grow well under shade and few will not. If the assessment has done wrong your plants will dry and eventually lose their life.

Prefer natural pesticides
Using pesticides often will damage the soil and will not produce the better yield. Pesticides are harmful and may damage your health. To kill the pests that damage your garden, prefer natural pesticides which can be prepared at your home. Neem oil, eucalyptus oil, soap spray, etc are some of the natural pesticides.


By following the above tips you can maintain a green and healthy garden. If you are not aware of the things like soil type and the plants that fit for your place etc you could approach a professional gardening and landscaping company to get better assistance. You can also avail the services like basic garden maintenance, trimming, etc provided by them if you are busy with your hectic schedule.

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