MacBooks are Apple devices that are as expensive as they are sleek. Even a minor glitch or malfunction can cause you to panic, prompting you to take it to repair service. Many places in Dubai provide MacBook repair and MacBook Pro repair services, where you can get them fixed in a jiff. If the damage is visible, like the laptop screen is cracked or glitching, then that does require proper repair. But before you pick up your wallet and go to the shop, you should first search if the problem demands repair from an expert or not.

The thing is, most common Mac problems can be dealt with easily. These ‘MacBook problems’ can be fixed easily with few tricks, and given below are some of those tricks to fix your laptop at the spot.

Rebooting:Rebooting the device can do wonders, and it’s not just for your MacBook; this trick works for every other device. Even rebooting your android will fix most of the problems, but that does not mean that rebooting will solve everything.

Dealing With MacBook Starting Up Problems:Sometimes your MacBook does not start up properly, or a blue or grey colored screen appears. The first thing that you need to check is if your laptop has sufficient charging or not. If it does, then start your MacBook in Safe Mode or Recovery Mode.

Reinstall Operating System:In case rebooting the device and any other trick does not work, reinstall the macOS. This is because sometimes, the operating system itself has become corrupted. This is not a serious problem, make a backup of your data in the hard drive and start reinstallation.

Fixing Keyboard Problems: MacBook keyboard keys are delicate compared to other laptops and could break off easily if not careful. So when you are trying to fix them, be gentle. In case of sticky or dirty keys, use a toothpick to clean the insides or underneath the keys. Use a cotton bud to wipe away the mess in the places between the keys. The biggest enemy of a keyboard is dust that can easily jam the keys. If you find different tutorials on the internet, you can find ones that tell you how to pop the keys. Do that, clean the keys thoroughly, and then mount them back on. You can also use the supplied straws to blow off the air and a keyboard cover to protect the keys

Close Unnecessary Apps:
Sometimes, the laptop can slow down and stop working because there is too much going on at once. To solve that, close every unnecessary application that is running. This will free up space in the RAM and make the processing speed better and faster.

Install The Necessary Updates:
Every tech company releases updates on their software every few months. These updates are necessary for the smooth running of your MacBook, so never forget to update your device.

Delete Cache:
One of the common advice, other than the classic turn it off and on again, the IT experts give is to delete the cache of all the apps that are running on your MacBook. You can also try resetting Safari back to its default settings. But the newer versions do not have the latter option, so stick to clearing the caches.

Reset Power Management:
Quick battery drainage is not just an annoyance but can become a big problem. What if you were in an important meeting? Or if you were typing something or progressing in your game or another work related project? If your MacBook shuts down at the wrong time, you can lose all the progress and the data. To deal with this problem, first, close any unnecessary application running in the background as well as lowering the brightness. If that is not enough, reset the laptop, or shut it down, press and hold Shift + Control + Option keys for a moment and release them at once to force your MacBook into resetting power management.

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