Best tips for wood floor maintenance

If you feel that your home needs a bit more warmth and coziness even after your recent furnishing, you can consider some wood flooring. Wooden floors shall stand strong for many years and is a preferred addition to a home by many interior designers and homemakers. The wooden floors are preferred as they offer great style and defining factor for a space in your home. Needless to say that with this new look and investment comes some care and maintenance. To keep your wooden flooring safe and long lasting have a look at some of these ultimate wood floor maintenance tips.

Prefer regular cleaning

Regular cleaning helps in removing the dirt and debris accumulated on the wooden floors. Always prefer vacuum or soft broom for cleaning. Don’t use the wet mops, steam mops or liquid cleaners, as these can damage the finish and make the floor dull.

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Remove stains and spills carefully

Don’t let the stains and spills settle on your floor, they may damage the look. Wipe the stains with the slightly dampened cloth immediately. Stains of a marker, oil, etc can be removed using the acetone-based nail polish remover. If chewing gums or wax stick on the wooden floor gently scratch it with scraper or swipe cards. Make sure that you are not damaging the floor.

Don’t use harsh cleaning products

Using the regular tile cleaning products for wooden floors will damage them and diminish the look. In some cleaning products, the pH value is very high which results in the discoloration of wood and it is not the best thing to clean hardwood floors. It’s essential to research and choose the best wood floor cleaner to protect the flooring, generally as per manufacturer recommendations.

Don’t slide the furniture

The most common mistake people often do is sliding the furniture on hardwood flooring. This may cause severe damage. To prevent the damage and scratches lift the furniture up while moving them.

Use a humidifier

In regions like Dubai, the temperature and humidity in summer months can be very high. The humidity makes the wood floor to expand and press against each other. Sometimes they may shrink and in extreme cases, you can also observe the cracks. To protect this damage use the humidifier in the summer season. In the home, humidity should be around 35% – 55%.

Don’t over wax

In earlier wood flooring, waxing was preferred to enhance the wood floor shining and to keep it in good condition. But in modern wood floors waxing is not necessary because it may damage the polyurethane coating of the floor thereby decreases the life of the floor. You could often try buffing over waxing.

As the seasons change, you can observe the changes in your wooden flooring. Sometimes you need an expert advice to regain the look of the flooring. Avail a professional wood floor maintenance and repair company to fix the issues quickly and reliably.

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