Whether you are a tenant or a landlord in the UAE, you will most certainly at some point require painting services. From being a small to-do task that lasts for only a day to a big project that can last weeks, it’s always great to do some research in order to come out as a satisfied customer.

  • Why paint? You can get painting done for many reasons, however, in general there are two primary reasons for it and your choice of painting company will depend upon this.
    • In case you’re moving in or living in your own home for a while, you most likely would want to do the painting to your liking by choosing specific and decorative paints (or wallpapers) from the market, to give your home some character. Specialized painting services are available for such and the costs vary completely on the extent of your requirement.
    • If you are a tenant and are vacating your place after staying there for approximately 3 years, in all likelihood you would be expected by your tenancy contract to get the place re-painted and brought back to its original state, just to get your security deposit back. Refresher (single coat) painting services are available which are typically called move-out painting services, at very reasonable costs.


  • List your requirements. Before looking for a painting company, you will need to ascertain the scope of painting services you need. This generally includes listing down the following
    • Internal or/ and external painting, walls with/ without ceilings, doors or windows, wallpapers or decorative paints, holes and cracks; and
    • Urgency, schedule and duration between which the painting needs to be finished

For specific colors or materials, you will need to visit a nearby paint shop to choose the color codes (ACE, JOTUN, etc.)?


  • Variety of painters. Once you have a handle over your requirements, identify a list of painting companies you’d like to approach for estimates. The challenge expatriates usually face in Dubai is that there is a wide variety of painters available in the market and going by pure advertisement and pricing mentioned only leads to disappointments. There are a lot of freelancers and small maintenance companies flouting laws in Dubai and don’t have specific permission for painting. A lot of expatriates moving into Dubai don’t know that hiring illegal painters can attract severe penalties to the tune of 50,000 AED from both the painter and the customer. In addition, there is no way to ensure the quality of the actual painter that will be sent to your location. Generally, the painting companies in Dubai do not provide wallpaper services and you have to look for such companies separately.


  • Compare the estimates. Labor being generally almost in range, the painters generally try to make cut corners on the materials or scaffolding, if required. There are a number of paints available in the market with the most popular ones being JOTUN, National Paints, etc. Do check the quantity mentioned in the estimate to and check the pricing as painters quote for less paint to reduce cost by spiking with low cost additives or watering the paint down. You could choose oil or water based paints. While oil based paints are most common in Dubai these days due to its weather conditions and low maintenance, oil based paints are more durable, give glossy shine and are more expensive. Also, make sure the repairs of cracks and holes are built into the estimates and do not need to be negotiated after the painting has commenced. It is therefore important to have an inspection done for larger jobs as fixed prices painting companies will either over budget the job or under price and then cut corners later.


  • Prepare for the day. Move your furniture to the center of the room and ensure that they are well covered. Make sure the painter is following safety practices, using trimming with masking tape to protect switch panels, door and locks, ensure fabric or plastic covers to be put by the painters to protect your articles. However, even before that do confirm with the chosen supplier to get permission from the villa community or building management, in advance.


If you’re looking to hire painting services in Dubai, you can be rest assured that HomeGenie will provide you with quality painters. To Book a service, call HomeGenie on 04-448-9595, fill the form on www.homegenie.me OR request an inspection from our iOS and android app.


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