Tips to make a small room look bigger

All rooms in a home are not the same, some are big and some small. However, no matter how big the room is, everyone wishes to decorate it beautifully. People often feel that furnishing a small room is impossible without it looking congested and packed. Some smart tricks like the right choice of paint, wallpapers, and other furnishings, etc. can make a small room look bigger. Let’s explore a list of such tips.

    • Prefer light-toned colors

      Always prefer light and soft wall paint colors to make a room look bigger and airy. Dark colors make your room smaller and congested also they will absorb the light instead of reflecting.

    • Use glass items

      To make your room look bigger start using the glass items. They will not only bring a stylish look but also create a sense of openness with their reflection. If you can’t afford for a large mirror, combine small pieces of mirror and paint the frames with the same color.

    • Choose stripped light colored floor

      Opt the stripped flooring to make a room look bigger. Make sure that length of the stripes is same as the room length, and the color is lighter. This will make your room look larger than it really is.

    • Use multipurpose furniture

      One of the best options to make a small room spacious is using multi-purpose furniture e.g. sofa cum beds. These furnitures not only make your room good looking but also reduces the problem of storage. There are many varieties available in these, choose the best that fits your room.

    • Choose the carpet carefully

      While choosing carpets make sure that they have a small design on it. Large designs make the room closer. Bring the appearance of a larger room by using different carpets with small designs and possibly the lighter colors.

    • Keep your furniture away from the wall

      If you have a larger furniture placed near the wall, pull them slightly away from it. Even this small space can make the room look larger and open.

    • Go with minimum furniture and with exposed legs

      Sofas with exposed legs are the perfect furniture for small rooms. They make the room appear larger and spacious. Never prefer boxy chairs as they make your room congested.

    • Leave your windows uncovered

      Keep your windows uncovered to make the room more spacious. More light gives more depth. If you are worried about the privacy use blinds or tinting.

    • Use appropriate lighting

      Use white light and not warm white light preferably at corners of the room to ensure the room is well light at all places with adequate luminosity. Also, choose LEDs over traditional bulbs.

    • Keep the walls clear

      To give a big feeling, ensure that the walls are not cluttered with too many or too big pictures or decoration. Keep the walls as empty as possible.

Makeover your home elegantly with the above tips and make sure you are not exceeding your budget. It’s better to approach a professional to get your work done perfectly.

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Tips to make a small room look bigger
Tips to make a small room look bigger