Like various other technologies, the washing machine is also one of the appliances which make our life easier by giving us clean clothes. But for it to have a longer life and function well, we need to take appropriate care to maintain it. Now you don’t need an expert to keep coming and checking your washing machine.

Below are some basic points you can follow to have your washing machine working efficiently for a longer span:


The interior needs to be cleaned frequently to avoid the machine pipes to choke or your clothes to get the furry coating. Make sure that you clean your filters of the washing machine every ten washes. The hard water residue, grease, and dirt also accumulate in the washing machine. To avoid this issue just run the washing machine with lime and vinegar in hot water without any clothes (every three months). This will clean the pipes and the interiors well.

Big no to excess detergent and overloading

 It is a huge myth that putting extra detergent will make your clothes cleaner. On the contrary, it spoils the texture of the cloth and makes the machine parts greasier. Also washing all the clothes at once and overloading will not be clean your clothes properly as during the spin the clothes will not have enough space. In both the cases, the motor will be affected. Overloading will increase the wear and tear due to the excessive load on the motor.

Acknowledge the settings

The three range- normal, gentle and strong wash settings are there for a purpose. Use it according to the clothes you are washing. Do not use strong until the time the clothes are very greasy or dirty. This will help the motor of your machine to work appropriately with lesser wear and tear.

Watch out for orange stains

In case you see any orange coloured stains on your clothes after the wash, or even if there’s orange water in the tub, check for rusting immediately. If a hot water run with lime doesn’t solve the issue, it’s time to either replace your tub or check your pipes for rusting.

Dryer also needs your attention

Post every cycle of dryer, there will be some lint left behind, which can clog the pores of the dryer. This will lead to overheating of the dryer due to lesser airflow and will also lead to shrinking of your small clothes. Hence it is very necessary to clean the dryer too.

Make sure you keep the washing machine door open for a while after every use. This helps to avoid damp smell and also lets the moisture to evaporate so that it doesn’t create any rust issues in the tub. Also, every time you have had a run of excessive greasy clothes, make sure you clean the interiors of the tub to avoid any grease sticking to the walls of the tub.

Just follow these very easy tips, and you will be able to keep your washing machine properly maintained. A properly maintained machine can serve many more years than what it was meant for.

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