pest control services in Dubai

Pests are a problem in our country. Now and then, we find our home is being encroached by tiny creatures, that barge into our homes uninvited, start breeding making our homes unlivable. Creatures like ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, moths, bedbugs, arachnids and what not enter the house, and start living with us, without us even knowing. Living in hiding, sometimes in the pipelines, sometimes in the sewers and other hard to reach places, these creatures become the cause of innumerable diseases and possess the ability to make our lives gruesome when they have the strength of numbers. This leaves us with no option but to eliminate them from our house and rid our lovely abodes of these abominations.

Getting a pest control done at your home will kill and/or drive away any insects, rodents, arachnids or any other pest for good, and for a long time. However, there are certain aspects of having a pest control done at your place:

Do you need pest control?

The answer to this question is usually vague and cannot be decided on based on just the opinion of one person. There are always some bugs in our homes, and they cannot be avoided; it is normal to have some bugs in the house. Most bugs are harmless when in small numbers, while some can be dangerous, and some can become dangerous later on.
Take some time to research on your own and make sure the bugs in your home are dangerous enough to seriously hamper the living quality and health of your people. Some house geckos actually help you, by eating the insects in your house.
Opt for a pest control only in extreme cases of infestations.

In case you do need it

In the case where the pest infestation in your home is serious, and you’re convinced that you need a pest control, do make it a note that different pests need to be handled differently with a different set of procedure undertaken for each one of them.
Also, when you hire a company, make sure they provide a proper estimate, as a professional will have a good idea, if not a perfect estimate of the total cost of pesticides and the time that a pest control will probably need.
Also, take out some time to check about a pest control company before you hire.

While the treatment is on

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and make notes. Wear proper protection if you are going to stay in when the process is going on. It is advisable not to be present when the chemicals are being applied/sprayed etc. and lockout cupboards, closets, kitchen, cover all vulnerable items to avoid any chemicals reaching places you’d want to avoid so that future risks can be avoided.
In case you need a fumigation treatment, carefully follow all the instructions laid out by your applicator, usually given in writing.

After the job is done

Open all the windows and doors completely to let all the fumes out. Don’t move back into the house unless your professional says it is safe.
Also, confirm with your consultant whether it is okay to clean the house right after the pest control is done. Some chemicals may get washed away or get sucked into the vacuum cleaner and may not take effect. Your point of contact will answer all your questions properly. Don’t forget to dispose of any leftover pesticides and not store them in your house and they may leak eventually creating a problem more serious than the pests themselves. Call the company if need be, they may collect the leftover or will at least guide you properly on how to dispose of it.

Pest Control & Your Health

Pesticides are essentially toxic chemicals that intend to kill lives. If they can kill bugs, rodents, and reptiles, they can kill people too. Always make sure your house is sprayed only the relevant and proper amounts of pesticides, and you move only after the toxicity levels have decreased to a safe level.
If anyone in your family has any health problems such as allergies, asthma or if someone is pregnant in your home, it is strongly advised against a pest control, as the effects are usually long lasting and stay for months. If a pest control is unavoidable, better make sure that vulnerable people stay out for a longer period as it may seriously hamper their health.

Some people can sense pesticide smell even at very low and may complain of eye irritation, nausea, headache, etc. Consult a physician immediately especially if they have a weak health and older people.

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