Know about ac compressor replacement

Each component of an AC unit helps in supplying cool air in your room. A compressor is the heart of your air conditioner. Without a compressor, you cannot get the cool air from your AC. It circulates the refrigerant through the indoor and outdoor coils for heat exchange. Over the long usage, you can observe the improper functioning of your air conditioner, this may occur if any of the components are damaged. Some technicians who are not much experienced will urge you to replace AC compressor even though it is not the reason for your AC failure. So, before approaching a technician check whether the compressor is working properly or not. Here are the 5 signs of AC compressor failure.

Diminished airflow

You can confirm the failure of the air conditioner compressor by observing the airflow coming from vents. Airflow should always be consistent in temperature to make the room cool. If you observe the diminished airflow then there is a necessity of AC compressor repair. A weak compressor cannot generate enough cool air.

Warmer air

The other sign for compressor failure is warmer air from vents. A damaged AC compressor cannot supply the refrigerant through the system, this causes the release of warmer air from the vents. A refrigerant leak can also be the other reason for the warmer air blowing from vents. A refrigerant leak will increase pressure on the compressor and results in the compression failure.

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Compressor doesn’t turn on

Sometimes, after turning on the air conditioner you can feel that the room is not cooling. When you check out the indoor and outdoor units you will notice that compressor doesn’t turn on but the fan is still running. The ac compressor will not start when it is failed. Some of the reasons for this are a bad capacitor, failed electrical connections, blocked drain pans etc.

Circuit breaker problems

If the outside condenser unit is tripping the circuit breaker then it is the symptom of compressor failure. If the compressor draws too much power and is overheating it causes the circuit breaking problems. Turning on the ac circuit breaker after tripping it may cause huge damage and you need to replace the ac compressor which can be expensive.

Noisy compressor

If the outside ac unit makes unusual sounds, it is the sign of compressor failure. AC noises will occur when there is a failure in electrical components and motor fan. Quickly approach the professional and fix the issue before it completely damages the compressor.

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If you observe that the compressor is failed, replace it immediately. The home AC compressor replacement can be done in the following procedure.

The following are steps to replace the compressor with some things to keep in mind while a professional is replacing it.

Shutdown the system

Before starting the process of compressor replacement turn-off the power supply. Serious electrical shocks will occur if the system power supply is not shut down properly.

Remove the refrigerant

Next step is to remove refrigerant from the system. Don’t release the refrigerant to the outside environment, it may cause much damage to the environment. Keep it in the storage cylinders to protect the environment.

Unbolt the compressor

Cut the refrigerant lines after removing the refrigerant. Now take out the old compressor from the ac unit which is located outside. Before this, you need to unbolt the compressor. The hosting connected to the compressor should also be removed.

Install the new ac compressor

Place the new compressor and attach the refrigerant lines to existing lines with silver soldering. The replacement should be done within the condenser unit.

Apply vacuum and reassemble

Now reassemble the unit after applying vacuum. Now connect it to the power supply and check whether the system is working perfectly or not.

If you are unable to find the reason for your air conditioning unit failure approach a professional AC maintenance or AC repair company in Dubai, who will identify and fix the issue quickly.

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Know about ac compressor replacement
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