Sofa Cleaning Service

 After a tiring workday, your couch is that cosy hug which makes your day complete. It is the first spot you hit after coming back home. It is an inevitable partner to your and your loved ones’ leisure hours at home. On the flip side, longer hours spent on the sofa make it easier for dust and dirt to accumulate. Dust particles will find their way to your sofa no matter how much you try to protect and decorate it with sofa covers and cushions. Not to mention the dusty Dubai weather makes it even harder to keep sofa cushions clean for long.

But cleaning sofas on your own can be a task. It is pretty confusing to identify where to start and which materials to use for your sofa type. This is where a professional sofa cleaning service comes in handy. An online search for a professional sofa cleaning service in Dubai is a smarter way to go! It is a much easier option than spending fruitless hours on a DIY.
What is a Sofa Cleaning Service and How Does it Work?
Sofa Cleaning Services involve hiring trained professionals to clean your sofas with fabric shampoos and disinfectants to make them look and feel as good as new. Sofa cleaning companies use the right chemicals, equipment and health standards to help you extend the life of your sofa. Let us say, like a sofa genie, they will get your sofa cleaned in a jiffy without you having to worry a bit about the process.
Sofas come in all shapes and sizes. You must wonder how will they know what kind of cleaning your sofa needs? Will the professionals perform an in-house sofa cleaning? What all goes into the process and how much time will it all take? With professionalism comes standard procedures and sofa cleaning experts follow no less. Read on to erase all your doubts and queries about sofa cleaning services:
Step 1: An Initial Survey
From your first enquiry or initial contact itself, a professional sofa cleaning team will take in all the information from you. A professional sofa cleaning company like HomeGenie will have a 24/7 open service through a dedicated website, contact number or mobile app for you to access. This initial survey includes questions like the number of seats, the current condition of your sofa, the type of stains your sofa has and so on. With this data, the cleaner comes prepared with what to expect when they reach your home.
Step 2: Pre-Inspection
Upon arrival, the cleaning team will not jump in right away to clean your sofa. They will examine your upholstery type, stains, defects and colour resistance to decide the right cleaning strategy.
Step 3: Steam or Deep Cleaning
The cleaning team prepares a cleaning site (usually a balcony or garden). Initially, the team dusts your sofa and cleans it with a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or dirt particles. Lint or pet hair is removed using a lint roller and chemical agents are used to remove spots or stains.
You can choose two types of sofa cleaning methods namely deep cleaning and steam cleaning method. The method depends on your sofa type and preference. Steam cleaning involves the use of hot water to remove stains and germs from your upholstery. This type of method is preferable for delicate materials but, for silk or linen, the steam is controlled to avoid any damage.
Deep cleaning entails hot water and fabric shampoo of your choice to clean your sofa. The experts shampoo delicately to keep the colour and quality of your upholstery intact. This method is effective to remove deeper stains. The whole process may take about 2-3 hours depending on the size and number of sofas you have.
The last step involves grooming your sofa and the experts will ensure your sofa looks as good as new. After cleaning, your sofa might take 2–6 hours to dry depending on the cleaning method used, temperature and amount of ventilation at your home.
Is Sofa Cleaning Service Beneficial?
When it comes to cleaning, many people put sofa cleaning at the back of their priority list. Is it even that necessary to go through all that trouble? That’s what must have gone through your mind as well. If you are reading this blog here, somewhere deep down, you already know it is. But, to feed your curiosity to know more, we bring you the following reasons for hiring a trained professional to get the job done for you. Getting your sofas professionally cleaned can literally change your life for the better. Here’s how:

1. Extends your furniture’s lifespan –
Believe it or not, getting your sofa professionally cleaned can increase your sofa’s life by a huge margin. A professional sofa cleaning company will take utmost care and use delicate strategies to clean your sofa. We all know that sofas stay at your home for the long term and hold an important position in your living space. A professional cleaning will ensure your sofa lasts longer, saving you money and enhancing your home’s visual appeal.
2. Attracts Health Benefits –
Imagine the amount of dust, body hair, stains and skin particles your couch inhabits on a daily basis. This accumulation of unhealthy particles over time can lead to adverse allergies and health issues. Cleaning it with dangerous chemicals or DIY methods will only make the problems worse. A professional sofa cleaning service will not only save you time but will also restore the healthy and safe environment in your home.

3. Saves Time –
Sofa cleaning is a time-consuming and laborious task to do on one’s own. You can relish a family bonding time or catch up on any other important task while professionals take good care of your sofa. All you have to do is call these professionals and show them your sofa and the rest will be taken care of.

What To Keep in Mind Before Booking?
Prior to booking, it is important to note that you have the means to access a community or service location to help the professionals with cleaning. Having access to an active electricity and water connection is necessary for professional cleaners to do their job.
A professional sofa cleaning service is an added advantage to maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment at home. A health of a sofa depends on the number of users and usage frequency. As the saying goes, “Prevention is Better than Cure”, utmost care needs to be taken care of to maintain your sofa’s quality. To further protect your upholstery, a regular follow-up service is recommended depending on your usage. Get your sofa cleaned the same day at HomeGenie at affordable prices. Call on 800 443643 (HGENIE) or Download the HomeGenie iOS or Android app and get a first-hand experience of the best sofa cleaning service in Dubai.

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