plumbing services in Dubai

Your typical Dubai resident will have to deal with several plumbing related issues in their homes.  The harsh summer weather where temperates may reach over 40C can stress an apartment or villa plumbing system, resulting in various problems. Fortunately these issues can be fixed with minimum hassle and cost if the you contact the right plumbing professionals for help.

Water Heater related issues 

You will notice that the water in your kitchen and bathroom gradually starts losing temperature, You may also notice in the mornings that it takes longer for the cold water to start warming up. These are the first signs that your water heater is faulty. In general all water heaters have a lifespan depending on the manufacturer, while frequent use may result in even shorter lifespans. It is very important to have always have your water heater replaced by a professional plumber or plumbing company that will give you a warranty on all work done.

Low Water Pressure

The first problem to watch out for involves having low water pressure in your home. This means that the amount of water coming through your system is lower than what is expected to be.  The low water pressure will make washing up difficult in the kitchen and the showers unusable in bathrooms. 

Slow Draining

Another problem to watch out for involves the waste water in your system not draining as well as it should.  If your drainage system is clogged you will notice that the water will drain much slower than normal. 

Running Toilet

A running toilet will cause water to keep on circulating in the toilet even after you flush it. On occasion you will notice that the toilet may fill and overflow as the water keeps running. The most common reasons for this include a faulty flush valve or flapper. A runny toilet can result is excessive water wastage and high DEWA bills 

Leaking Faucet

That annoying sound of water dripping in your faucet can be a problem that goes well beyond that noise. T Depending on the type of faucet a professional plumber will be able to repair it or if needed install a new replacement. Leaking faucets should be attended as soon as possible as they can result is excessive water wastage and high DEWA bills.

Leaking Pipes

The pipes in your home could also leak. These leaks can occur around any part of the plumbing system. The problems mount when leaks start occurring near walls causing mold and fungus to develop.  Leaking pipes may burst causing mini home floods and water damage. Your home will also be at risk of termite infestation when wooden areas are damp or water logged. 

Water Pump Not Working

External water pumps often found in villas may suddenly stop working resulting is disruptions to water supply. A professional plumber will be able to provide you with options of repairing or replacing the existing water pump motor.

Leaking Hose Bibs 

A hose bibb is a connection that links to a tap outside your home. This is where water will come out for outside use. This is often paired with a knob that adjusts the intensity of the water. This is a useful item but it can leak as water will seep out from the bibb and not get through a hose that is connected to it. A plumber may fix by reattaching the hose to the bibb. However over time the bibb itself could crack and struggle with a weak foundation. This will cause the bibb to leak water before the water even gets to the hose. 



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