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A smartphone is just like every other electronic gadget – susceptible to damage and vulnerable to physical abuse. While you may not deliberately try to put your phone through physical torture, you may need more than just software updates to keep it working as good as new. We have some tips for you that don’t require you go out of the way and take huge efforts to keep your phone shining and working picture perfect.

Keep it Clean

A clean phone is free from dust, sweat, oil, etc. You may or may not realise, but your phone is constantly under attack by dust, sand, sweat, soil, etc. and they keep getting inside your hardware and accumulate there. Eventually, it causes trouble by creating a layer below the display glass, looking awful. Keep a tiny microfiber or a special screen cleaning cloth with you and clean the phone from all sides, from time to time.

Get a Phone Case

If you are a good handler, you may not need a rugged case, and a simple rubber phone protector would do good. But you tend to drop your phone often; we would recommend getting a cover that wouldn’t budge even if it was dropped from the 3rd floor. No one likes a shattered screen or a dislocated camera on their phone – not to mention, the phone might stop working altogether due to an impact, or you may not be able to repair the screen for long. A phone case is always an investment worth it.

Get a Screen Protector

Most screens of today are an insane attractor fingerprints. And along with fingerprints, goes dust, sweat, etc. that again, eventually get under the screen. Another advantage of using a tempered glass screen guard is that the protector may protect your screen from getting shattered in the first place.

Keep the phone isolated

How you put your phone away is another important factor when it comes to protecting it from damage. Keeping the phone and keys together is never a good idea, as even a gorilla glass cannot protect your phone from scratches forever and a scratched phone screen is always a sore sight for the eyes, not to forget it will even ruin your touchscreen experience.

Drying up a wet phone

In case your phone becomes wet due to rain, or perhaps your kids decided to shower you with water while you’re in your garden watering your plants, your phone is sure to die right away. We suggest keeping your phone in a bag Silica Gel sachets for a night. The Silica Gel will absorb almost all the moisture your device has caught. Another option is you can put your phone in a bag of rice. Do not try to put your phone near a flame or under a hair dryer. This might heat the phone too much and cause your battery to explode.

Keeping in mind these tips, you can make sure your phone lasts longer and stays new. Taking care of your device is in your hands. When taken care of properly, you can be sure your phone will stay strong for long. For any other defect, there’s always a Homegenie expert ready for you.

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