Learning to use a washing machine is not as difficult as some people might think. However, learning and remembering what not to do with the machine is something many people learn only after the damage is done. As a result, the most common faults with washing machines come from ignorance, which can prove to be costly.

See the following list of what you should avoid doing with your washing machine.

Don’t Wash Everything:What we are trying to say here is that the washing machine is for washing clothes only. You can’t put things that don’t have any business in the washing machine in there and expect it to come out clean and unscathed. Things like big metallic hooks, coins, belts or cuff links etc. should never be put in the machine. Not only the items can get damaged, but the glass door might also break, leaving your machine in urgent need of repair.

Overloading:You may think that cramming as many clothes as possible will finish your laundry early, but all you do is damage the machine. The spinner needs some space to work properly, and if you stuff it to the brim, how can you expect to wash the clothes when there is not enough space for the clothes to even move?

Improper Balancing:Washing machine is a heavy-duty device, and the spinner has to rotate at a very high speed or super speed. That means that if the machine is not levelled on the floor, it could easily topple and fall down. Due to its heavyweight, there is a high chance that something might break in the internal side of the device.

Don’t Ignore Regular Maintenance & User Manual: The user manual that the manufacturer provides with the device is not just for show. It contains the proper way of use and the general or specific safety guidelines you have to adhere to. Similarly, thinking that regular maintenance is not necessary can be very dangerous, as many problems remain hidden until they become apparent and are more difficult to handle.

Don’t Delay Repairs:
Ignoring a default or malfunction can prove to be costly. It might not create much problem when the machine is not in use, but when you continue using the device with the defect, the damage will increase substantially.

Other Things To avoid:

Excess Detergent:
Another thing that you should never do with your washing machine is to use detergent in large amounts. In this case, more is definitely not good, otherwise, there will be a residue of soap left on the clothes.

Glittery Or Embellished Clothes, and Undone Zipper:
One other thing that you should definitely avoid putting into the machine is embellished garments. All the glitter will stick to the interior of your washing machine, and small beads would defiantly damage some part when the dress is in the process of being ruined. While you are at it, try to zip up the jeans or anything else so that the zipper part could not get stuck. The last point is not that dangerous, but the more careful you are, the better.

Teeny Tiny Clothes:
Another thing that you should avoid is putting small fabrics like baby socks in the machine. They might get stuck easily in the interior and can potentially block the drainage, stopping the drain and spin of the machine.

Pet Hair:
If you have a pet and your clothes are covered in excess amounts off animal hair, please try to get them off beforehand with the help of the roller before chucking into the machine like a lazy madman. These hairs can easily clump together and stick to the insides of the machine, which is just plain gross.

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