The process of AC gas filling

Do you know how your AC keeps the room cold? It all happens because of the refrigerant gas used in the Air Conditioner. Your AC will not work efficiently either if the refrigerant is too much or if too little. There are many types of AC gases that can be used as a refrigerant. Here is the quick start guide about AC gas filling or top up.

Why does AC need gas?

Your AC unit needs gas for the transportation of heat from indoors to outside atmosphere. The refrigerant is a low-pressure gas which transforms into liquid and again converted to gas during a constant cyclic process. Refrigerant gas is placed in copper coils. Refrigerant and the coils will absorb the heat present in the air. During this process, refrigerant gas will become a liquid to help in transmittal and exchange of heat.

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Types of AC gases

The most common refrigerant gases used in Air Conditioner gas refilling are R22, R410A, R32. The environmental friendly refrigerants available in the market are R290 (Propane) and R600A (Isobutane).

Refrigerant Global Warming Potential Ozone Depletion Potential
R-600A 3 Zero
R-410A 2088 Zero
R-134A 1430 Zero
R-290 3 Zero
R-32 675 Zero
R-22 1810 Medium

How often does AC gas refilling should be done?

When your Air Conditioning unit is working correctly but not cooling your room efficiently or warm air coming from the vents or ice is forming on the evaporator coil, then it is the time to refill the gas. The most common misconception among people is the refrigerant will decrease over time such as fuel in other appliances. The need for air conditioner gas refilling is mainly due to the leak in the refrigerant line.

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AC gas filling equipment

Following are the equipment required for AC gas filling, generally carried by all AC technicians.

  • Vacuum Pump with 1-4 horsepower
  • AC manifold gauge set
  • Refrigerant

The process of AC gas filling

Before filling the AC gas perform necessary maintenance like cleaning coils, removing debris etc. If you start the refilling without this process, the system may get damaged.

  • Turn off the AC at the thermostat and remove the fuses and turn the breaker off. Next, hook up the gauges. This will be with a low-pressure side on the gauges and high-pressure side on the system.
  • Turn on the AC and wait until it stabilizes. Once the system is stabilized, take the reading on the gauges. If the readings in blue gauge are below the specifications then you need to recharge the system. The other way to determine the need of refilling is by using sight glass on the unit.

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Once you confirm that the AC needs refilling then follow the below process.

  • Check for the specifications given on the label of your AC to know the type of gas that should be used. For each brand, the refrigerant used will vary. Make sure that refrigerant used for your AC is matched with the given specifications.
  • Now turn off the AC and attach the hoses from gauge manifold to system pressure ports. The low-pressure hose which is in blue should be connected to the suction line, yellow hose to the vacuum line and the red color high-pressure hose should be connected to the liquid line.
  • Connect the yellow hose from the manifold to the refrigerant container. Always keep the container in an upright position to prevent the damage. Loosen the yellow hose and open the cylinder knob for 1 sec and again tighten the hose. This will remove the air present inside the pipes.
  • Slowly add small amounts of refrigerant into the suction line and allow the system to stabilize between each addition of refrigerant. Check the temperature and other required readings to ensure the amount of refrigerant added is sufficient.
  • Now close the manifold valve and refrigerant tank knob. Unscrew the blue hose from the suction line and yellow hose from the refrigerant tank.

In the process of Air Conditioner gas filling, proper care should be taken as even a small error can damage your AC. To keep your AC safe and to get the work done quickly approach a professional air conditioning maintenance companies in UAE.

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The process of AC gas filling
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The process of AC gas filling
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