common refrigerator problems

Whether you stay single, or with your family, a refrigerator is necessary to keep your food fresh, the liquid chilled and much needed during hot summer in Dubai and UAE. We can’t even dream of spending a day without this cool storage machine, and life might become unimaginable if anything goes wrong with the fridge. Even if you buy the best refrigerator, be aware of the common refrigerator problems and fix the issue before it turns into a serious problem.

The most common refrigerator problems are associated with:


The refrigerator is meant for storage and if it does not work properly, then it is equivalent to any other cupboard. This is the foremost problem which should be attended on priority. It may happen due to the dirt accumulated on condenser coils, failure of evaporator fan motor and compressor.  

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The dispenser in the refrigerator may not work due to the airlock. In that case, you can defrost the unit for some time so that the air will pass away. If you still face the problem, then it is advisable to consult a technician for your fridge repair.

No formation of ice

Is your deep freezer not forming ice? That means it is not cooling to the extent where it can form ice. This is a critical issue and usually, fridge freezer problems are to be attended by an expert only.


Sometimes we hear a lot of noise as if the refrigerator is buzzing from inside. This is due to the condenser fan motor. In such cases, you can switch off for some time and notice for improvement before calling anybody for help.

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Other than cooling, defrosting is an important factor to decide the proper functioning of the refrigerator. If there is a problem in the defrost control board, defrost timer, and heater assembly of your freezer will stop defrosting.

Water leakage

Water leakage may be due to blockage in the drain pipe. Drain pipe often blocks if the water in the pipe gets frozen. If the refrigerator is kept off for some time, then the blockage gets cleared. If there is a problem with the water tank, then it needs to be replaced.

Body Temperature

Sometimes the refrigerator will be cool from inside but the external body may become very hot. This happens if there is a defect in the defrost heater assembly or if the evaporator fan is not working or if the damper is not closing. In all the cases, it is advisable to call a technician.

Ice dispenser

Whenever there is a problem with the switches of the ice dispenser, it may not work properly. It should be then repaired by some technical person.


When the light knob gets loose or if it doesn’t work, the light may not work. Also, there is a possibility that the bulb might have got damaged and need to be replaced.

Handle breakage

The handle of a refrigerator may break after many years of use. If it happens within 5 years then mostly it can be replaced for free or otherwise a technician will get the new one and change it.


Usually, there will be quite fewer problems with the door. If the stuff inside the refrigerator is not kept properly then the door may not close. Also, check if something has fallen or got stuck on the rim and not allowing the door to close properly.

For all solutions of your refrigerator problems ie., fridge repair, fridge problems or fridge service approach a company that has experts who are good at dealing with these issues. Getting your service done by a professional refrigeration technician can bring better results in less time.

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