modern irrigation methods for your garden

Watering a garden daily in Dubai and UAE is vital to keep it green and healthy. Some traditional methods of irrigation can result in wastage of water and increased water bill. With modern types of irrigation, you can not only save water but can also cut down your expenses while ensuring the garden is safe. Here is a quick start guide of modern irrigation methods being used commonly these days.

Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinklers are used for big gardens with large areas of grass. Garden sprinklers are of two types – manual and automatic. In case of manual sprinklers you have to open the valve and once you are done with watering the plants you should shut the flow. Using automatic sprinklers you can handle the operation remotely. Automatic sprinklers offer the benefit of programmable controllers which should be changed according to the environment. You should set the time of watering on the sprinkler board so that no water will be wasted, thereby reduces the bill.

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Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is the best way of supplying water to the plants in a home garden. In this method, water is delivered slowly at low pressure near the roots. Irrigation for the garden should be effective and efficient to save time and remain economical. Drip irrigation system typically adjusted between 15-50 psi whereas the flow rates are measured by gallons/ hour or gallons/minutes. This type of irrigation system is useful for both residential and commercial gardening purposes.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses ooze water through a porous membrane running the length of the hose. They are great for deep watering as gardeners may bury them along the roots and watering lines of the garden or plants. They are relatively easy to employ and allow you to customize your watering system as timers and regular hoses can be attached to soaker hoses to ensure water is shared only where it’s needed.

Rotor Systems

Although generally more efficient than spray heads, these systems lose quite a bit of water to evaporation as well.  Rotor systems come in two main styles: stream or impact. They are useful in covering large areas and typically apply water more uniformly than spray heads. 

Water irrigation is an effective tool to safeguard water and to reduce the water bills too. Among the various types of irrigations, you can pick up anyone that can be implemented easily with your existing location and resources. For better installation and for better irrigation system repair approach a professional gardening company.

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