Mistakes to Avoid while setting up home theater systems

With a home theater at home, you can enjoy a movie with the same theater experience. It not only gives good memories but can also give a bad experience even if you make a minor mistake in the process of setting up home theater systems. Have a quick look at the mistakes you should avoid to had a great time with the people when you watch a movie.

Not considering the size

Everyone wants to have a big TV for their home theater but many of them do not know the appropriate home theater screen size. The size of the screen depends upon the space available. The optimum viewing distance should be 1-1 ½ times the width of the TV. If you sit close to the television, the picture quality will not be good and you more likely to see the pixel structure of the image. 

Neglecting the lighting issues

Lighting is an important concept in the case of a home theater system for small rooms as it affects the video projector viewing experience. Never place your TV on the opposite wall of the windows because this will allow direct reflection on the screen. If the window is on the opposite side of the screen then make sure that it is properly covered. The lighting concept should also be dull when the TV is played otherwise the picture will not appear clear.

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Not checking the Acoustics

Theater sound system includes woofer and speakers, and they should be in accordance to the room area. In case of small space, the sound gets overwhelmed and won’t be clear. If the speakers turned out to be small then they won’t be audible again. Hence there needs to be a balance with the speakers and the amount of bass that it produces within the area.

Wrong positioning of speakers

It is not the quality of the acoustics that you choose but the placement is also important. The speakers should be placed equidistant so that the voice shall not echo within the room. There are few websites or the manual can be followed to understand the distance and the placement between the speakers.

Buying cheap speakers

Home theater cannot be compromised for money, especially the sound quality matters a lot. When you buy speakers at cheaper prices then there won’t be sound clarity and the bass also will hit the walls. Make the best use of your money and buy speakers that are branded and of superior quality. Overall, it is the luxury of sound that matters.

Seating arrangement matters a lot

Watching a movie will take at least a couple of hours and therefore, the seating arrangement should be comfortable. While selecting the home theater system, you should ensure the provision of sufficient sitting area. Either comfortable couches or recliners shall be arranged so that you can take full advantage of your home theater.

Improper wiring

The common mistakes that most of us do is allocating a small budget for the wiring and cables work. You often neglect what you need for a home theater to reap the benefits of it for a long time. The cheap cable and wires used may lead to short-circuit and would destroy the entire home theater.

Overlook power issues

Often there will be power failures or power fluctuations and the home theater should be able to handle them properly. A poor backup strategy to the power issues will affect the home theater.

While doing the home theater installation at your home check whether the installer is avoiding the mistakes or not. Always choose a technician from a professional company for peace of mind.

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Mistakes to Avoid while setting up home theater systems
Mistakes to Avoid while setting up home theater systems
Mistakes to Avoid while setting up home theater systems
Mistakes to Avoid while setting up home theater systems
Mistakes to Avoid while setting up home theater systems
Mistakes to Avoid while setting up home theater systems