Mistakes to avoid while installing water heaters

Though the usage of water heaters is comparatively low in the hottest regions like Dubai, they play an important role during the winter season. Installing a water heater by yourself is a bit complicated and surely require a technician to accomplish the task. Remember, not all technicians are professionals and well trained. If the water heater is not installed properly it may get damaged. The most important mistakes that should avoid while installing water heaters are:

Improper soldering

The common mistake technicians often do during hot water heater installation is soldering of wires close to the water tank. When the electric water heater warms, it may melt the nearby wires. To avoid this, leave one connection and solder another at a distance far from the water heater connection pipes.

Faulty overflow tubes

The water heater pipe installation should be proper otherwise the valve opens and sprays out hot water. Hence, the valve should be connected to an overflow tube hurting no one even if it opens unexpectedly. If the valve is connected to the overhead tank then the overhead tube should be drawn all the way to the floor to avoid accidental leakages.

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Not using a dielectric union

When you fix water heater check for copper or brass connector. It is important that new water heater installation should be done by a plumber or an electrician. When the pipes are made of galvanized steel to connect them to copper wires you need a dielectric union. Having a dielectric union will prevent them from touching each other.

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Turning on without filling water

This is another common mistake that we often do at home. If the water heater is switched on while the heater is empty, the heating plate will get damaged. Excess of heating of water plate without water will burn the inside coil and causes fire too. So, do a quick check to confirm if there is water at home, by opening a tap, before switching on the heater.

Avoiding insulation

By insulating your water heater and hot water pipes, you can save energy. If you don’t get the insulation done, then it will cost dearer on your electric bills. The foam pipe insulation will have a slit through which pipes can be fit. Peel off the tape and squeeze it over the pipe. Leave at least six inches of space before you start the insulation for safety reasons.

While installing a water heater you should observe carefully for these installation mistakes. If you encounter an issue after installation approach a professional water heater repair service or a plumbing company, Dubai that deals with the issues efficiently.

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