latest trends in pool lights

As soon as the sun sets making space for the moon in the dark sky, we all love to be by the side of a swimming pool. The underwater swimming pool lights make the pool water shine giving it a surreal look. A well-lit pool not just enlightens the environment, but also acts as a necessary safety measure for those roaming or playing around the pool, especially kids. In order to enhance the look of the pool and make it illuminate during night time, there are various kinds of swimming pool lights available in the market. The trending and best pool lights are:

Mosaic Pool Lights

Mosaic pool lights create a beautiful presence like shining stars in your pool water. You choose them as per your choice to feel relaxed while spending time in the pool during nights.

LED Pool Lights

The LED lighting is a new trend as it consumes less power and lasts longer. There are various types of swimming pool LED lights that come in different colors. They can be installed in and around the pool to bring a soothing effect. The color changing LED lights will add more glamour to your pool.

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Underwater Pool Lights

Have you ever noticed the shining of the ocean water when moonlight falls on the waves? This sort of magical effect can be created in your swimming pool too with the help of underwater pool lights. When this light reflects from the bottom or side walls of the pool, water shines and appears beautiful. These submersible pool lights can be picked up in various colors to give colorful effect in the water.

Light & Music

Music on the seaside drives us crazy and we can bring the same effect in a swimming pool. There are lights that play music too, the combination of light and music work together. Here music changes with the change in color of lights. These lights can be operated with the help of a remote.

Ceramic Lights

Ceramic lights are again a decorative type of lighting which are arranged across the pool in various ceramic containers. They are available in various colors. When the light penetrates through the ceramic bowls it turns out into a different color. You can also use carved ceramic holders to allow the light to form a pattern on the wall.

Aluminum lights

Aluminum lights are the bars of the metal in which lights are installed. These are outside pool lights which bring an astonishing look to your pool.

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Floating lights

The latest swimming pool lighting concept is floating lights on the water. These lights are fixed either in the balloon type of lanterns or some other fixtures that floats on the water. These lights are preferred when you don’t use the pool during night time and just want to enjoy the ambiance by sitting beside the pool.

Having installed any of these lighting concepts though create a beautiful atmosphere in and around the pool, it also involves a lot of maintenance. Moreover, installing lights for a swimming pool is not an easy task. There are certain swimming pool maintenance companies which could provide you the better assistance right from pool lights installation to pool lights repair and replacement.

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latest trends in pool lights
latest trends in pool lights
latest trends in pool lights