How to clean your sofa?

A living room with a well-maintained sofa enhances the beauty of your house. Sofas, no matter how new they are, needs to get cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent them from becoming dirt. Here are the best tips to keep your sofa clean.

    • Clean Your sofa on a regular basis:

      Cleaning should be done at least once a week using different sofa cleaning products. This can be carried out using a vacuum cleaner or even a dry cloth just to make sure that your sofa looks intact. For better results, you can avail professional sofa cleaning services.

    • Fabricating tags – matters a lot:

      Fabricating tag is provided with every sofa which is very essential for maintenance. It determines the cleaning process and thus defines the look of the sofa. For instance, dry cleaning should be done for fabric sofa once in every six months.

    • Don’t forget to swap your cushions:

      It’s always advisable to change the position of cushions for every couple of weeks to keep them away from the accumulation of dirt on one side of the cushion.

    • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight:

      Direct exposure to sunlight may result in fading color of the sofa. Always keep your sofa two feet away from any heat source and at a safe distance from the intensity of sunlight.

    • Wash the cushion covers:

      Cushion covers also play a vital role in sustaining the look of a sofa. Having said that, cushions should be washed at least once in a month so that they won’t get worn out or get accumulated with dirt.

    • Remove pet fur:

      If you have pets at home, it’s more than obvious that their fur gets settled on the sofa. Latex gloves, velcro curlers, and Stello tapes can be used to remove fur, thus keeping the sofa clean.

    • Use slipcovers:

      Dress your sofa with slipcovers which bring an elegant look. They improve the durability and saves the sofa from dust. It’s very important to choose the slipcover that suits your sofa.

    • Arm cap to prevent stains:

      Mostly your sofa gets stained when you lean on it with oily head. Always use arm caps or throws if you apply hair gel or hair oil to avoid unnecessary stains.

    • Get a repair kit:

      If you find any faded spots on your sofa, get a repair kit from the nearby furniture shop and apply the cream that matches the color of the sofa with a cloth. By doing this the faded spots can be covered. This tip is usually applied to leather sofas.

    • Seek professional aid from time to time:

      Sofa cleaning services can be carried out more efficiently by seeking professionals help. They use well-defined mechanisms to get everything hunky-dory with your sofa.

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