How to keep carpets in top condition?

Indoor carpets at your home keep the flooring safe, acts as a barrier between your barefoot and cold floor in winter, and bring a pleasing look to your home. To make your carpet long lasting, proper care and cleaning are required. If you have pets and small kids at your home, extra care is needed to keep carpets clean and secure. Do you know how to keep your carpets in top condition? Look through the simple tips and tricks for proper carpet maintenance.

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Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming can keep all the dirt, pet hair and other dust particles away. The frequency of vacuuming depends on the place where your carpet is located. If it is located in high usage areas vacuum regularly, if the usage is moderate then prefer twice a week and if there is less usage, vacuum once a week.

Keep your pets clean

If you have a pet and you allow it to roam freely inside of home make sure that it is clean and trimmed. If the hair of your pet is not trimmed regularly it will settle down on your carpet and make it unclean. To not let the dirt carried by the pets settle on carpets wash your pets at least twice a month.

Use doormats

To enhance the life of your carpet place doormats at every entrance. Before entering your room and resting a foot on the carpet, wipe and dust your shoes on the doormat to remove all the dirt. This will help in protecting the vibrant look of your carpet. Make sure that you are doing a regular home cleaning.

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Clean the spills and stains immediately

It is quite common to spill something knowingly or unknowingly. If you have kids at your home this will happen more frequently. To keep your carpets in top condition blot the spills and stains immediately. The more time you leave a spillage uncleaned the more it will be absorbed by the carpet. Make sure not to rub the stains. Rubbing makes the stains to spread quickly. If it is a gum or other sticky substances allow it to freeze before removing.

Move your furniture carefully

Don’t move or drag furniture over the carpets. This may cause great damage if the legs of your furniture have uncovered edges. Always place cardboards underneath the furniture while moving them.

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Deep clean twice a year

Deep cleaning a carpet twice a year increases its life. If you are a family of four or more deep clean your carpet regularly before it turns untidy. Make sure that you are hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to keep your carpet safe without damage.

Avoid cheap carpet cleaners

Using cheap cleaning products will not only damage the carpet but also diminishes the look. Contact a professional and use the best carpet cleaner. Try to avoid the cleaning products made of chemicals like perchloroethylene, butoxyethanol etc. that cause great damage.

Though you take utmost care, get your carpet maintenance from a professional company that provides carpet cleaning services in Dubai, for better results. Most of the people often feel that choosing the right carpet for their home is a daunting task. Some furnishing companies are ready to make this work easier by helping you in finding and installing a carpet at the convenience of your home.


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