How to choose the best home air conditioner

In hot regions like Dubai and UAE, people can’t survive a single day without an Air conditioner (AC). Therefore, ACs at home is not a comfort anymore, it is almost a necessity. A right AC can make a room livable, but a badly chosen AC will only annoy you with many repairs and performance issues. Getting the desired results from your AC will totally depend on what all you considered while buying it. Explore the most important tips to choose the best home air conditioner.

Location and purpose of the room

Knowing the location and purpose of the room is very important before buying the new AC. If a room is located in an area of your home which is not enclosed or has too many entrances and exits then it is important to consider a variety of options – a split AC or a centrally cooled system. However, for a small room with a window, a window AC might serve the purpose.

Size of the room

Before you buy an air conditioner, it is important to understand the size of the room (s) the AC is expected to cool. This helps in identifying the right cooling capability or tonnage of your new AC such that it can cool the room efficiently and effectively.

Following are the standard AC tonnage for different sizes of rooms (being other conditions normal):

Room Size in SqFt Required AC Size in tons
0-80 0.75
80-120 1.0
120-190 1.5
190-300 2.0

Energy efficiency ratings

The energy efficiency of AC is also related to the number of ‘Stars’ on power consumption that it has bagged. 5/5 is the best star rating. For some other features, you can compromise up to four-star rating but try to avoid anything less than it.

Maintenance and warranty

Your air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance in order to remain operational and stay energy efficient. It is important to understand how often will preventive and reactive maintenance or AC service is required and what’s the warranty coverage on the AC unit.

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Brand of the AC

The brand of AC helps in ensuring that parts are available on the day when the AC breaks down.  Instead of experimenting with a new brand in the market, try to buy from an established brand as you may not face difficulty with parts.

Installation service

When you buy a new AC unit, the foremost thing that you should be prepared is with the installation. Many companies offer free installation when you buy a new ac from them. In case if the ac installation fee is higher than normal, then try to negotiate with the vendor or look for alternative brands which offer free installation.

Buying the best AC is a  tough task, however, following the above tips will make your decision making simple.  After buying an air conditioner for home, proper AC maintenance is required for reliable and efficient working. Approach a professional AC maintenance company if you experience unusual changes.

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How to choose the best home air conditioner
How to choose the best home air conditioner
How to choose the best home air conditioner
How to choose the best home air conditioner
How to choose the best home air conditioner
How to choose the best home air conditioner
How to choose the best home air conditioner