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Hiring a painter for your home in Dubai and UAE can be a bit difficult when you have a number of options available. Right from a lone painter who offers a very low price to a premium painting company, claiming to be extremely professional, at a ridiculously high price. How should you then decide who to choose between a very irresistible price to the great quality you would like to not compromise on. There are certain tips you could utilize that can help you choose the right painting solution for your villa or apartment in Dubai and the UAE. 

Check the license of the painter or painting company

Ensure that the painter or painting company has a valid license to paint villas and apartments in Dubai and UAE. This includes proper insurances – workers compensation and general and third-party liability insurance. 

Discuss the scope of a painting

Discuss and understand the method of painting suggested by the painter or the painting company, including how many layers of primer and paint will he apply, ceilings will  be painted or not,   

Verify any special requirements e.g. surface protection, scaffoldings

 Ask the painter or painting company to explain what surface protection and heights will be handled by his team. Also, is there any other technique or methods he would be adopting. 

Agree on the paint to be used

Agree the paint be used as various brands of paints vary in price and it helps to agree the brand with the painter or the painting company, beforehand, to avoid any confusion later. Also, agree with the flexibility to get the paint yourself, if needed. 

Get a formal quotation

 To ensure you get a formal quotation from the painter or the painting company, to avoid being a bad case. This will also clearly clarify the scope and assumptions, agreed between both parties.

Choosing the right painter is the first step towards ensuring a smooth paint job and thereafter. A good painter or painting company can make a whole lot of difference and be getting that in Dubai or UAE is not that straightforward, for which you will need to do some due diligence or have someone do that for you. At HomeGenie, we constantly survey and identify the best painters within Dubai and the UAE and ensure they deliver the best painting services to our customers.

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