Pest control services in Dubai

In this article, we tell you about how to hire a pest control company to best meet your requirements

Pests in a home can be a major hygiene problem, they not only spread diseases, but they can leave excrement’ which can also cause food poisoning and skin diseases. They are also dangerous to kids as they cause bites or can even get into their foods. A professional pest control company will identify the invading pest and will know how to get rid of them.

They will also have access to certain chemicals and materials that may be more effective than the ones that are commercially available in your corner supermarket. Many pest problems like termites and cockroaches require specialized equipment, training, and pesticides to get rid of. A typical pest control company will spray insecticides, lay traps or plug up holes in a home to help rid you of the invading pests and the process varies from depending on the type of pest. .

Ask for an Inspection 

The company should provide you with a written diagnosis of the problem or an identification of the pest. They should also identify where the pest is and tell you how they plan on controlling it. They should also provide you with a list of chemicals needed and the course of the treatment. All this will help you to understand the pest problem and help you make an informed decision as to whether you need to hire them or not. Companies may charge for an initial assessment.

Review the contract 

The company should present information on the identified pest problem, the reasons behind a chosen treatment and the application techniques. The company should also tell you about the length of the service (in months) and give you a guarantee as to whether the pest will be removed or not.  Check for additional details on the contract like insurance and possible exclusions. 

Chemical tolerance 

Consider your tolerance for chemicals. In case you are living with children, you have to ensure that the chemicals will not harm them. Ask which pesticides will be used, the active ingredients they contain, and their effects on pets, the environment, and people—especially the elderly, the very young, or individuals with environmental sensitivities. Also, ask how and where the pesticide will be applied and how long it will be before the effects have worn off. Some companies may recommend that the home be vacated for a certain period of time while the treatment is being done. 

Treatment schedules 

Certain companies will provide short term or single services whereas others will ask for periodic treatments. It is advisable to do prior research to find out whether or not the kind of pest you are dealing with will require regular treatments. Certain pests like termites and cockroaches may lurk or hide in holes or empty spaces and may survive several treatments. In this case, it is advisable to have follow up treatments to make sure that the pest doesn’t come back. Other pests like rats and mice may be removed by a single treatment.

Lifestyle changes 

Certain companies may also suggest you make changes in your lifestyle. These will help reduce your chances of having the pest coming back again. Companies may suggest a modification of the habitat or use of baits and monitoring, rather than just guarantee to spray on a monthly basis or when and if the pest reappears.


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