Keeping your house clean is a must. Regular cleaning is enough usually, but once in a while, deep cleaning the house becomes necessary. Doing this will make the whole home look clean, without any part left out. But prepare a checklist, mental or physical, to make sure you will not miss anything.

Before moving onto the deep cleaning house checklist, you would follow the following tips to make the process easier

– Start on a free day, and plan. Make a checklist.

– Get the necessary equipment, like a pair of rubber gloves, brushes for scrubbing along with disposable rags, buckets, water, disinfectants, soap or just plain vinegar

– Start with the rooms that do not have heavy traffic. You won’t be disturbed by anyone, and it will be cleaned out very quickly

– Clear away the clutter at the beginning

– Start from the higher points, like fans, ceilings, walls, and windows, and gradually move downwards. Doing the opposite will only waste your hard work, as cleaned items at the bottom will become dirty again

– Use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and pet hair from all places in your home, including windows, blinds, sofas, cushions, bean bags etc

– Clean the floors properly by scrubbing and disinfecting by removing furniture. Sure, this is a bit difficult but necessary

Deep Cleaning Kitchen:The kitchen is where you have to get into the depth of things. First of all, check your pantry and the fridge, and remove all the old and expired foods. Next, clean out the cabinets along with the contained items, and if possible, polish them. Check the electrical appliances, and clean them and the area around them thoroughly. This also includes refrigerators, toasters and ovens. Move on to your stove, and clean out all the gunk from the stovetop, and wash it thoroughly. There are some specific cleaning supplies for this, so use them. Use hot water and vinegar to clean the sink. Now wipe the counters, and put everything back in its place. Finally, scrub the floor thoroughly.

Deep Cleaning Bedrooms:Deep cleaning the bedrooms is perhaps the easiest step, as you are intimately familiar with everything. As we said earlier, start from top to bottom. Clean the fans and ceiling, and then move onto the curtains and windows. If you use blinds, the deep cleaning window process can be done in a matter of minutes. Throw the curtains for wash, and clean out the curtain rods. Next, organize your closet, drawers, side tables and vanity. Remove all the dirty clothes, rugs and bedsheets. Air out the mattress, clean the bed’s underside thoroughly, and don’t forget to scrub the floors!

Deep Cleaning Living Room:Most of the process is the same as the bedroom, with the glaring exception of the bed and closet. Vacuum everything, and move the furniture a little to the side to not miss any corner. Do the same process with windows and rugs. Wash the cushion covering, clean the decoration pieces and furniture as well as electronics with care.

Deep Cleaning Dining Room:Again, most of the process is similar regarding floors, windows and decoration pieces. But the dining room is easier to do because the biggest part of the furniture is the dining table. So, in addition to everything else, change the table cover and clean the table thoroughly beforehand.

Deep Cleaning Bathroom:
Prepare to dirty your hands because this is where your patience will be tested. Clean the mirror and shelves to remove dust, scrub and wash the sink, walls, bathtub and floors. Spray the fixtures, and wipe them down. Organize the small cupboard and supplies like shampoo, soaps, conditioners, creams and other things. Don’t forget to perform the dirtiest deed yet: cleaning the toilet. It is easy, but not for people who have faint hearts. Use a proper toilet cleaner and a brush for the task.

Deep Cleaning Guest Rooms and Outside Space:
The process for deep cleaning guests and other rooms is safe. For outside, sweep the littering leaves, mow the grass, pull out the weeds, and wash the walkway and driveway. For balconies, patios or decks, refer to the precautions told by the constructer before doing anything.

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