tips to choose right plumbing fittings and materials

Every home demands a different material for the plumbing system. And the plumbing system should be secured and well fitted by the professionals so that you don’t face any problem in the near or far future. In the market, options are endless from PVC to brass pipes. But which one is best suited for your home? For every home there are few factors, which you have to keep in mind before picking a suitable material- corrosion, flow, water pressure, soil characteristics, heat, sunlight and pipe characteristics. Although the metal pipes have become almost obsolete to the latest plastic options, they are still a good choice for many homes.

We have brought some details of every material which is suited for your home in Dubai depending on what your area is demanding for:

Stainless steel pipelines

It is available in both rigid and flexible styles and is a very good option for the areas prone to corrosion and people living near the coastline. Do not get yourselves with confused with galvanized pipes as both the pipes appear the same, but serve differently. It provides the best look amongst all options available in the market, but at the same time is very expensive.

Copper pipes

These types of pipes are famous for its durability, reliability and resistance to corrosion. These kinds of pipes require additional fittings and soldering. Although a viable option for the long run, these pipes require constant maintenance.

PVC pipes

Wide range of thickness and configurations are available here for various applications (high pressure, sewage system or storm drainage system). A cheap and popular system most commonly used in homes and huge buildings currently.

Galvanized pipes

It is commonly used for residential purposes, but encounters a rust accumulation problem when the small-diameter pipes are used. The best places to use such kind of pipes are for transporting of non potable water or grey water.

Cast iron pipes

They are too bulky and heavy to be used for residential purposes and are commonly picked up as a choice for drainage systems or the sewer systems (underground installation).

Brass pipes

Being an alloy of copper, brass provides the best rust resistance. The best grade brass is red brass pipe available in the market. A good long lasting material to choose which also does not allow any friction losses and can be used for hot water distributing systems, wells, pump fittings and water tanks. Brass pipes are a very good and affordable option to choose for residential plumbing systems.

PEX piping

This is a type of piping which has gained name recently in the market for its leak proof capability and can be well used in buildings and residences. It is plastic piping and hence, the only drawback of this pipe system is that it cannot be used outdoors as the UV rays of the sunlight can damage the plastic layer. It is comparatively costly but takes lesser time for installation and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

These are the current options present for you to choose from. You can choose any kind of pipeline for your home according to your budget and needs. The next time you call a plumber for the plumbing system problem/ installation of the plumbing system, talk to them about it; this will help you to discuss with them for the best option for your home.

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tips to choose right plumbing fittings and materials
tips to choose right plumbing fittings and materials
tips to choose right plumbing fittings and materials
tips to choose right plumbing fittings and materials