How to fix low water pressure problems?

Have you ever felt infuriated because of the low water pressure problem while bathing, washing dishes or while doing some other daily chores? In any home to live peacefully, it is essential to have good water pressure. There are many reasons for low water pressure. Fixing this issue is not hard but it may turn into a serious problem, if not treated immediately. Let’s go through the reasons and know how to fix the low water pressure problems.

The main reasons for low water pressure are fully opened water meter valve, clogged water pipes, failure of the pressure regulator etc.

Now we will look at the 5 ways that help to reduce the low water pressure problem.

Check for the water leak

Low water pressure in the house could be because of leakage in the water pipe. Check the plumbing pipes in the area, if not check the pipes in your basement or garage area. If there is a leakage then you will find water either on the ground or if the leaked pipe is in the wall then it will be moist. It is better to look for a plumber to get it repaired.

Inspect the shut off valve

Sometimes, the shutoff valve may be partially closed. To increase water pressure in the house you should tighten the valve and in order to decrease the water pressure loosen the valve. If the valve is broken or crack exists, then it should be replaced to overcome the water pressure problem.

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Clear the blocked pipes

Is the water pressure too low in only or two of the fixtures, then the problem may be due to the deposit of debris that is causing a blockage. Treat the blocked pipes and that would give low water pressure solution. To fix this, tie a small plastic bag filled with white vinegar around your showerhead or faucet. The vinegar will loosen the deposits and clear the pipe.

Replace the pipes

The pipes corrode if they are very old leading to low house water pressure. Like electrical pipes, water pipes also need replacement after a few years. Look for some better plumbing service in Dubai and get them replaced as early as possible.

Inspect the pressure reducing valve

To have a water pressure booster, inspect the valves and you may find one of them which is not properly tightened. This will affect the entire pipeline at home causing reduced water pressure. Any plumber in Dubai can fix this issue easily.

You can easily increase the water pressure with the help of above tips. If you are not sure about the valves and unable to find the issue approach a plumbing services company, Dubai which has professional plumbers.

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