With your refrigerator under control, half the battle in the kitchen is won. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your fridge tidy and organised, and give you a heads up if it is time for a little bit of refrigerator repair and maintenance.

1. Learn to compartmentalise: Invest in refrigerator organisers

There are handbag organisers, drawer organisers and organisers for cupboards. Ladies, take a cue – invest in some fridge organisers and simplify your life! Once you start looking around, you will realise how spoilt for choice you are. Choose between organisers for cans, pull out bins, magnetic steel racks, bottle lofts and lazy Susans. All these are available in various sizes to suit your refrigerator and storage needs. All you have to do is be a little creative and manage your space the best you can with these space-saving attachments.

2. Be perceptive: Listen to your refrigerator  

Like in any relationship, listening is key. If you keep an ear out for unusual sounds, you might be able to pre-empt any major damage to your fridge. A keen listener may even be able to avoid a breakdown of the machine which may eventually call for major refrigerator repair. Looking around for cracks and breakage of parts, a loose latch or a door that won’t close tightly enough are also signals for you to call in the professionals’ before something big happens and disrupts your daily schedule.

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3. Be a space manager: Use transparent and small containers

Follow the golden space-saving rule – always transfer your leftovers into smaller containers, preferably transparent ones. Small-sized containers optimize your shelf and drawer space, leaving more options for food that is to be stored in larger helpings. Opaque boxes leave room for mystery, something you should not encourage in limited spaces like refrigerators. Go ahead, buy a set of transparent containers in graded sizes. You could also stock up on zip lock bags for flexible storage.

Tip: zip locks bags are available with a vacuum option which keeps your food fresh for longer.

4. Think clean: Get a deep cleaning done periodically  

When all is said and done, nothing beats a thorough cleaning job. Good hygiene is easily the best way to keep all kinds of trouble at bay. This also allows for complete emptying of the compartments and sorting things out by the date of expiry. Book a deep cleaning with a fridge repair service in Dubai to rid your fridge of any persistent smells and odours and disinfect it for good measure. A cleaning job will also help give it a once over in terms of maintenance and any repair that might be required. Two birds with one stone!

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5. Use your management skills: Rotate your storage

Resist the temptation to dump your latest grocery haul conveniently in the front part of the fridge. Take a little time out and stack groceries and supplies that you bought earlier, in the front, keeping them more accessible. Avoid the ‘out of sight is out of mind’ scenario and optimise your consumption. Once the newer supplies go to the back, you will automatically be using them later, thus managing both wastage and expenses!

At the risk of sounding dramatic, the health of a family depends on the state of its refrigerator. All the fridge taming hacks discussed above are easily doable. A little bit of organisation, effort and a shopping spree can set up the refrigerator of your dreams! But if your fridge still looks like it needs a shine, book a professional cleaning job with a fridge repair service for that squeaky clean result.

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