Five Things You Should Clean to Prevent a Flu Outbreak at Home

A flu outbreak in the house brings the best of us to our knees, to scrub and clean. After all, when you are done nursing one member of the family back to health, you need a break, not another patient! But to get to that well-deserved break, here is what you have to do – disinfect.  Though this process should be ongoing during the sickness, it becomes doubly important after the patient has recovered. And there is no point bleaching the house from the ceiling downward, just target the areas that really matter. We are talking shared and frequently touched spaces and personal items. Read on for tips for an effective post flu clean-up.

1. Electronics

When you are down with the flu, laid up at home and bored out of your mind, it’s the TV remote that you go for first, and then the phone. Computers and gaming devices are next in line as you laze your way through your sickness. A couple of days into your contagious symptoms and you can be sure that each of these gadgets has been adequately infected by your coughs and sneezes. Wipe these down, because they are common use items which keep and transfer flu germs for at least a day or two. Other areas you can focus on in your effort to eradicate the infection from your home are electrical switches and door handles.

2. Tables and countertops

Tables, surfaces, and countertops are next in line when it comes to aiding a flu outbreak in the house. This is especially true for night tables since the bedside table top bears the brunt of soiled tissues, medicine syrup spills, and thermometers. Other than a good wipe down, try placing a bin next to the patient so all used tissues go directly into that. And yes, clean the bin up too! Do not stop at night tables, take your cleaning spree to the kitchen counter and play area tables, just to make sure.

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3. Bedding and towels

Change those towels, pillow covers, and bedsheets often as you tend to sweat a lot when you’re down with the flu. A good hot water wash is recommended. There is also a chance of bodily fluids going through the sheets and into the mattress – especially if a baby or a child is sick. If you missed covering your mattress with a protective layer, then it might be time to call in the big guns of deep cleaning in Dubai. There are DIY baking soda plus vacuum cleaner hacks as well, but post flu, a professional cleaners visit is a must. While you are at it, get the cleaning services to do some carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning as well.

4. Stuffed toys

The favorite stuffed toy is the next best thing after mommy, more so when junior is down and out. Despite all the comfort and security they provide, after a snot-filled tissue, they are easily the most attractive hosts for flu germs. Throw these into the washing machine pronto! Get into the play area and give all the other toys, books and games a good wipe down as well – maybe not a bleach cleaning, but definitely one with a vinegar solution.

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5.The bathroom

The bathroom can become a hotbed for flu contagion, and it becomes necessary to take precautions here to halt the spread. Every faucet and fitting, the sink and especially towels must be sanitized with disinfectant and hot water. Better still, isolate the patient’s bathroom, and if that is not possible make sure they use their own towels. While cleaning, ensure that there is no reuse of the cleaning the cloths – keep the cloth that you used for the toilet separate from the one for the sink.

A post flu outbreak in the house can be a nightmare, so whatever preventive DIY steps you can take must be done. Start with getting everyone to wash their hands often and don’t hesitate to call in the cleaning company for a thorough deep cleaning when required.


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