common types of AC noises

In order to make life more comfortable, sophisticated technological advancements are taking place all the time and in everything – right from home appliances to electronic gadgets and more. For example, Air Conditioners (ACs) which were used earlier did not possess sound dampening technology and energy consumption was very high. Today in most of the air conditioners we can observe sound dampening technology and two-stage compressors that reduce ac noise level and makes air conditioner almost noise free. However, after long usage, you can hear some unusual sounds from your ac unit. If the sound is above 55 decibels indicates that your AC needs repair or other AC maintenance services. There are different types of AC noises and each noise is a symptom for a specific issue. If you ignore these AC noises they may turn the initially minor issues into costly repairs. Let’s explore the 8 common ac noises and what do they mean.

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Banging Noise

If your AC makes a banging noise it means that there is a broken or loosen component like a piston, connecting rod etc inside the AC compressor. Sometimes the banging noise could mean you need a new compressor.

Buzzing Noise

If you hear a buzzing noise, it means that there is an electrical issue in your AC. The electrical components that cause the noise are controller relay switch, condenser fan motor, circuit breakers, and electrical connections at any component. Malfunctioning compressor, missing or damaged insulation feet, frozen AC unit and loose parts can also be one of the reasons for AC buzzing noise.

Clunking Noise

Whenever your AC starts making a clunking noise then the issue is in blower assembly or in motor i.e the indoor blower and outdoor fan blades are out of balance. This sound could also mean that there are loose components inside the compressor itself.

Clicking Noise

It is common to you hear clicking noise when the AC unit is ON/ OFF. But if your AC starts making continuous clicking noise it means that the relay is defective. Sometimes your AC makes clicking sounds if there is a malfunctioning thermostat. If the AC makes a clicking sound and doesn’t turn on this indicates a faulty fan motor, capacitor, control board, or switch.

Squealing Noise

You can hear a squealing noise from your AC blower motor if there is a worn down issue with motor bearings or if the belt connecting the motor to blower has slipped. Ignoring this sound could cause a complete breakdown of the belt and results to improper functioning of your Air Conditioner.

Humming Noise

You can hear humming noise from your AC if there is an electrical issue like loose wiring, faulty circuit breakers, and failed condenser motor. Ignoring this sounds may cause serious electrical issues, that damage your AC.

Rattling Noise

Rattling noise from exterior AC unit occurs when leaves, sticks or other debris fell into the vents. The other reason for rattling noise is loose bolts, screws and other hardware in the AC unit or a failing motor.

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Whistling Noise

Whistling noise from an Air Conditioner is due to low airflow. If the blower doesn’t receive enough air then there will be more pressure and velocity, which causes a whistling noise. The lack of airflow is due to dirty air filters, blocked return vents, closed dampers, leaky ducts and malfunctioning blower.

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Moving noise

AC noise that travels, and coming from the ducts, could be because of a rodent living or stuck in the AC duct. This will need to be fixed quickly before the rodent dies causing infections and bad smell in your home.

Though identifying the Air Conditioner noise seems easy, fixing the issue is a daunting task. Hence approaching a professional AC maintenance company can make it simple.

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common types of AC noises
common types of AC noises
common types of AC noises
common types of AC noises
common types of AC noises
common types of AC noises
common types of AC noises