How to clean and fix a green pool?

As a pool owner, what you don’t want to see is a green pool!

A pool turns green when algae deposits in the water. Lack of circulation, filtration, and sanitation are the primary reasons for the formation of algae in swimming pool water. Though algae are not dangerous, it can quickly become a home for harmful microbes, mosquitoes and other insects that affect the swimmers’ health. Therefore it’s advisable not to swim in the pool when it looks more green than usual. With some proper care, you can fix a green pool. Here are the 5 proven tips to make your pool water clean and ready to swim.

Diagnose water for treatment

The first and foremost step in the process of green swimming pool treatment is to get your water tested for chemical levels. Collect a pool water sample from the surface and take it to a laboratory. Try to get it tested from a nearby laboratory within a few hours of taking the sample or you could do this if you have a water testing kit at home.

Check the pool equipment

After testing swimming pool water, now test the pump also. In a series, check the pipe, filter, skimmer box and other equipment that you use in the pool. Any infection in any of this equipment will spread in the pool water. Also check them for their efficiency, to understand whether they are working or not.

Re-balance the pool water

The important green pool water remedy is to always maintain the chemical level of the water. After performing a water test, you may have to add chlorine to it. Low level of chlorine is one of the causes of the green pool. Avoid using the pool when you are adding chlorine to the water as high chlorine water may be harmful to your skin and eyes

Clean the pool surface

In order to remove dirt and algae from the swimming pool, empty the pool, brush the pool walls and vacuum the area. If you have a robotic cleaner it will save your energy and time.

Perform cleaning regularly

Whether you use your pool regularly or rarely, maintain the process of cleaning the pool to fix the green pool problem. Regular maintenance of the pool keeps your pool healthy round the year.

If you feel that your pool is still green with algae even after following the above tips approach a professional pool maintenance company for green pool treatment. You may also hire expert pool cleaners who can visit regularly for the maintenance of the pool.

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