These are the signs present on your dashboard, and these signs can lighten up your car’s dashboard.

Car dashboard sign:
There are many common dashboard signs. Let’s have a look, please:

Oil pressure light:It’s a red color sign indicating an issue with your car’s oil pressure system. It suggests that either your car is running out of fuel or an issue with the oil pump.

Tire pressure warning light:These yellow color symbols warn you that pressure in any of your car’s tires is low or high and needs to be addressed. Remember that tire pressure should be between 30 and 35 PCI.

Engine temperature warning:This red color symbol indicates that your engine is overheated. Deal with this issue immediately.

Traction control light:This red color system indicates to you that your vehicle’s traction control system is on. It prevents your vehicle from slipping, especially when you are traveling in snow or rain.

Anti-lock brake warning light:This yellow color symbol shows that there is something wrong with the system of your car.

Low fuel:This yellow color symbol warns you that your vehicle is running with low fuel, especially when your vehicle is on gas mode.

Seat belt reminder:This red color symbol catches your mind that now it’s time to wear the seatbelt as it decreases 50% of head injuries.

Fog lamp indicator:This yellow symbol indicates that the fog lights are on.

Security light:Nowadays, every vehicle has an anti-theft system, so if something is suspicious, this will lighten up, indicating you about the threat.

Battery alert:This red color symbol warns you about the issue in your battery or vehicle’s charging system. Stop your vehicle to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Steering wheel lock:This red color symbol warns you that your steering wheel is locked and cannot be moved unless you turn on the car.

Oil change indicator:
This indicator will remind you that oil life has been expired, and now it’s time to change the oil as soon as possible.

Child safety lock:
This yellow color sign indicates that the child safety lock is active in your car.

Brake fluid:
This yellow color indicator light will indicate to you that brake fluid is low.

Head/bonnet open:
This red indicator shows that the bonnet of a car is open.

Warning symbols on the dashboard of your car:
Here is the list of warning symbols on the dashboard of your car. Lets’ have a look:

Engine temperature warning light:This red color indicator light will indicate to you the temperature of your vehicle’s engine.

Battery charge warning light:This red light will indicate that car is not being charged properly.

Oil pressure warning light:This red light indicator warns you about the low oil pressure.

Brake warning light:This red color sign will turn on when the hand brake is on for a long time. This will cause the hydraulic pressure has been lost on one side of the brake system.

Benefits of car dashboard signs:These signs have very importance in our life. These lights are the short-cuts that will quickly indicate that something is wrong with your car. In this busy daily life, you may have no time to visit the mechanic regularly, so this dashboard sign indicates that now it’s time to take your car to a mechanic as it has a problem in the system.These dashboard signs will prevent you from severe and deadly accidents. For example, if your brake is having an issue with the airbag, these dashboard signs indicate to you about this and save you and your family from accidents. Never ignore these indicators, as ignorance causes big trouble to you, your family, and your vehicle. Not every driver is aware of these dashboard signs. Therefore, make sure that whenever you are riding a car for the very first time, you should have proper knowledge about these indicators.

Conclusions:These indicators will not only prevent you from accidents but also keep fit your car. Remember that the red light indicator warns you not to drive your car anymore as this problem needs immediate attention. The yellow or orange light indicates to you that this problem needs to be serviced soon. If blue/green light appears on the dashboard, it simply indicates that a particular car function is currently in use.


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