How to choose the right awning for your home?

In case you were wondering what an awning is – it is a sheet of canvas or other material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a home, shop window, doorway, or ship’s deck. Awnings in the earlier days served the purpose of protecting a home from the sun and rain. But now these awnings are also the part of styling your home. Other than providing some shade, outdoor window awnings, house awnings or garden awnings make a great fashion statement. Choosing the right awning that can serve both purposes is therefore important. Here is a quick start guide to learn how to choose the right awning for home.

Why and where do you want

Awnings have more uses than we think. Colorful or matching awnings for the home will make your premises pleasing for the guests. Different styles of awnings like a dome, shed, etc. catches the eye with its unusual design. You can have several awnings for different locations and usage in your home. With the hot weather, you can have deck awning, however, you could consider awning made of nylon clothing to protect from rain.

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Decide between retractable or stationary awnings

The decision whether to go for retractable or stationary awning depends upon how long you spend time outside. If you spend significant time outside, you will be exposed to harmful UV rays. Your outdoor awning should be able to cover a bigger area to protect you from harmful sun rays or rainfall. It is advisable to close the movable awning when not in use or in windy weather as it may spoil the fabric and support structure. A stationary awning must be preferred for small patio area for those who don’t stay out for long hours.

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Select the material like awning fabric and style

While planning for the awnings for your home, the color, design, material, and style of the awning shall be considered carefully. The awning fabric should be durable and tough and should able to withstand the extreme weather including sun and winds. Acrylic fabric residential awnings are great for homes located in humid areas; they resist mildew and ultraviolet light wear and tear. Some awning fabrics are coated with vinyl. Vinyl awnings are more translucent and can be heavy as well. For awnings that are directly exposed to the sun, it is advisable to have light color material, whereas, if the awnings come under shade then they can be a fancy and bright color too. The style of the awning also differs based on the available space, place and one’s choice.

With a proper choice, you can have a beautiful awning. You can also approach a professional company who can fabricate awnings as per your choice at affordable prices.

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