The HomeGenie app (for Home Maintenance) has a very simple structure and is completely user-friendly. You could be having a property in Dubai and living elsewhere, or enjoying a vacation with your family or simply falling short on time to fix the issue in your home. Our simple-touch booking process is designed to come in handy in such occasions. The HomeGenie app offers you convenience like never before. In just 3-steps you can Book the desired service, Relax while you receive real-time updates on the work in progress wherever you are and finally Rate your Genie once the job is done. What a great way to keep your home running perfectly! Read how else the simple touch booking can make your life simple:


  1. More time, more flexibility
    It saves you the legwork and definitely the time to look for trustworthy services available around you. Imagine having to go through a whole list of service partners and then selecting the one that best suits your needs. HomeGenie frees up all this time by consolidating all services and the best professionals under one roof.
  2. We’ve done the ground work
    You can wave good bye to the woes of experimentation and the risk of getting through the wrong technician. HomeGenie vets each service partner before giving them the partner status, so only verified and rated professionals are assigned to you.
  3. We’ve got your back
    The concept of the HomeGenie app is to provide a customer experience beyond comparison. With the simple touch booking, you can attended to emergencies quickly. Our reliable service partners provide efficient services to ensure you enjoy maximum comfort and convenience at all times.


The Services offered by us include – Home Maintenance, Plumbing, Appliances, Electrical, Painting, Moving, Technology, Pool Cleaning, Gardening, Handyman & More. For more details, please Visit our Service Page.

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