Best practices for installing swimming pool tiles

The beauty of your swimming pool enhances with the tiles used. There are many types of modern swimming pool tiles available in the market in different colors and designs. Choosing, the one you like is important, it is even more important to ensure that the pool tiles are installed properly. So you don’t face any issues in the future. Below are some practices we have gathered for installing swimming pool tiles.

Research the tile

It is important to know that there are just as many pool tiles that cannot go in pools like those that can, and before you fall in love with an unsuitable product, research and consult with the manufacturer, if needed. Do not rely solely on showrooms to have this expertise, as pool environments are not traditionally an expertise of luxury tile showrooms.

Understand the prescribed installation method

The installation method of swimming pool floor tiles varies in accordance with the new products and designs coming into the market. Tiles not laid properly can lead to a number of issues including sub-standard look, leakage, cracks, discoloration, etc. Hence, it is important to understand the latest methods and comply with the instructions provided by the tile manufacturer.

Clean and level the surface properly

Whether it is a new installation or a replacement of the existing tiles, it is important that the pool is clean and proper leveling is done on the surface receiving the tiles. Wash down the pool walls and floor using a pressure washer to remove any dirt or pool chemicals that may be on the pool walls. Inspect the pool carefully as well; patch any holes or cracks you find. Paint a waterproofing membrane onto the pool as well to give a further layer of protection to the tiles. Once the membrane has cured, the tiles can be installed right over it.

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Environment control

The importance of controlling the environment during installation cannot be overstated. Ideally,  pool tile installation should be scheduled during the mildest weather. However, this isn’t always realistic. Environmental conditions are the single greatest variable that can impact tile installation timelines. Excessive heat, direct sun exposure, extremely low humidity, temperature swings, freezing temps, blowing dust and precipitation will add time, reduce quality and increase risk. Controlling the environment is critical.

Find the right person for the job

Design and styles of pool tiles, installation of pool tiles, is not something which an ordinary mason can handle. If you are really looking for a picture-perfect swimming pool, which is long lasting, then you will need some expertise. Avail the services from a professional pool company to get the desired results quickly.

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Best practices for installing swimming pool tiles
Best practices for installing swimming pool tiles
Best practices for installing swimming pool tiles