The basics of Feng Shui

Chi (as in life force) circularly flows through the Universe. The north and south poles of the planet are attracted to the same celestial body and thus experience a strong ‘pull.’ This universal energy will be reflected in the style of the HouseHouse you build. The design of a home is said to reflect the energy of the property. This is known as geomancy. You may choose to live in a beautiful house, but if the energy isn’t right, you’ll never be happy. You can be sure to attract the right kind of friends, partners, and family. The placement of the rooms on the HouseHouse and the arrangement of furniture impact the flow of feng shui. The rooms which are present on the first floor are filled with fire elements.

ColorThe color red is thought to repel and attract the opposite sex and bring love and joy to a home. Orange is an absolute no-no. Gray and white are meant to balance the emotion of the rooms. Blue is supposed to cleanse and attract positivity. Green is said to be a calming color that controls fertility. Yellow is thought to attract positivity and wealth. Black is thought to balance evil and used with white to remove negative energy. Iodine is thought to balance nature and harmony. Purple is supposed to be calming and bring thoughts of love. Pink is a calming color. Turquoise and green are great for fertility and a balance with the earth. Blue is thought to bring harmony to the HouseHouse. The lucky color for 2021 is silver, as this year is named the Year of the White Metal Ox.

Positive energyTIn Chinese, “Feng” represents wind and “Shui” means earth, so “feng shui” basically translates to positive energy. Adding fresh flowers to the HouseHouse helps to increase the chi. These are pretty self-explanatory. More chi equals more positive energy. More positive energy equals a more relaxed, healthy environment that is conducive to better mood and wellness. There are other ways to infuse more positive energy into your home, but it is similar to the flower and color routes.

Colors are inextricably linked to the mind and body, so choosing colors that reflect good health and good fortune is almost always good advice. There are five primary colors to consider when choosing for your home: red, yellow, green, black, and white. Red, the most powerful color in the natural world, is fire and passion, the primary color in the Mandarin Chinese calendar. It’s also associated with the year you were born, and it symbolizes vitality and power. If red’s not your color, consider a lighter shade of oranges, like oranges, pomegranates, cherries, or apples. Orange signifies warmth, energy, vitality, creativity, and wealth. Yellow represents the sun and morning. It represents purity and creativity, goodness and kindness, health and happiness.

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